Trademark Class 45: Legal Services, Security Services

Legal services; security services for the physical protection of tangible property and individuals; personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals.

This Class includes, in particular: 

-services rendered by lawyers, legal assistants, and personal advocates, to individuals, groups of individuals, organisations and enterprises; 

-investigation and surveillance services relating to the physical safety of persons and security of tangible property; 

-services provided to individuals in relation with social events, such as social escort services, matrimonial agencies, funeral services. 

This Class does not include, in particular: 

-professional services giving direct aid in the operations or functions of a commercial undertaking (Class 35); 

-services relating to financial or monetary affairs and services dealing with insurance (Class 36); 

-escorting of travellers (Class 39); 

-security transport (Class 39); 

-services consisting of all forms of education of persons (Class 41); 

-performances of singers or dancers (Class 41); 

-computer programming services for the protection of software (Class 42); 

-computer and internet security consultancy and data encryption services (Class 42); 

-services provided by others to give medical, hygienic or beauty care for human beings or animals (Class 44); 

-certain rental services on Following things:


If a product cannot be classified with the aid of the List of Classes, the Explanatory Notes and the Alphabetical List, the following remarks set forth the criteria to be applied: 

A) finished product is in principle classified according to its function or purpose. If the function or purpose of a finished product is not mentioned in any class heading, the finished product is classified by analogy with other comparable finished products, indicated in the Alphabetical List. If none is found, other subsidiary criteria, such as that of the material of which the product is made or its mode of operation, are applied.

B) A finished product which is a multipurpose composite object (e.g., clocks incorporating radios) may be classified in all classes that correspond to any of its functions or intended purposes. If those functions or purposes are not mentioned in any class heading, other criteria, indicated under (a), above, are to be applied. 

C) Raw materials, unworked or semi-worked, are in principle classified according to the material of which they consist. 

D) Goods intended to form part of another product are in principle classified in the same class as that product only in cases where the same type of goods cannot normally be used for another purpose. In all other cases, the criterion indicated under (a), above, applies. 

E) When a product, whether finished or not, is classified according to the material of which it is made, and it is made of different materials, the product is in principle classified according to the material which predominates. 

F) Cases adapted to the product they are intended to contain are in principle classified in the same class as the product. 


If a service cannot be classified with the aid of the List of Classes, the Explanatory Notes and the Alphabetical List, the following remarks set forth the criteria to be applied: 

A) Services are in principle classified according to the branches of activities specified in the headings of the service classes and in their Explanatory Notes or, if not specified, by analogy with other comparable services indicated in the Alphabetical List. 

B) Rental services are in principle classified in the same classes as the services provided by means of the rented objects 

e.g., Rental of telephones, covered by (Class 38). 

Leasing services are analogous to rental services and therefore should be classified in the same way. However, hire- or lease-purchase financing is classified in Class 36 as a financial service. 

C) Services that provide advice, information or consultation are in principle classified in the same classes as the services that correspond to the subject matter of the advice, information or consultation, 

e.g., transportation consultancy (Class 39), 

business management consultancy (Class 35), 

financial consultancy (Class 36), 

beauty consultancy (Class 44). 

The rendering of the advice, information or consultancy by electronic means (e.g., telephone, computer) does not affect the classification of these services. 

D) Services rendered in the framework of franchising are in principle classified in the same class as the particular services provided by the franchisor 

e.g., business advice relating to franchising (Class 35), 

financing services relating to franchising (Class 36), 

legal services relating to franchising (Class 45).

450193 adoption agency services 

450214 alternative dispute resolution services 

450205 arbitration services 

450224 astrology consultancy 

450195 babysitting 

450242 bereavement counselling / bereavement counseling 

450056 burial services 

450226 cartomancy services 

450002 chaperoning / escorting in society [chaperoning] 

450081 clothing rental 

450241 concierge services 

450207 copyright management 

450047 crematorium services 

450005 dating services 

450003 detective agency services 

450232 dog walking services 

450220 embalming services 

450046 evening dress rental 

450203 rental of fire alarms 

450204 rental of fire extinguishers 

450179 fire-fighting 

450229 conducting funeral ceremonies 

450057 funerary undertaking 

450216 genealogical research 

450099 guard services 

450146 horoscope casting 

450197 house sitting 

450202 inspection of factories for safety purposes 

450206 intellectual property consultancy 

450234 kimono dressing assistance 

450233 leasing of internet domain names 

450223 legal administration of licences 

450235 legal advice in responding to calls for tenders/

              legal advice in responding to requests for proposals [RFPs] 

450240 legal advocacy services 

450247 legal compliance auditing 

450239 legal consultancy relating to patent mapping 

450221 legal document preparation services 

450210 legal research 

450230 legal services in relation to the negotiation of contracts 

              for others 

450244 legal services in the field of immigration 

450237 legal watching services 

450236 licensing [legal services] in the framework of 

           software publishing 

450212 licensing of computer software [legal services] 

450208 licensing of intellectual property 

450243 lifeguard services 

450211 litigation services 

450200 lost property return 

450112 marriage agency services 

450201 mediation 

450053 missing person investigations 

450209 monitoring intellectual property rights for 

              legal advisory purposes 

450194 monitoring of burglar and security alarms 

450006 night guard services 

450218 online social networking services 

450033 opening of security locks 

450199 personal background investigations 

450001 personal body guarding 

450228 personal letter writing 

450227 personal wardrobe styling consultancy 

450198 pet sitting 

450117 physical security consultancy 

450217 planning and arranging of wedding ceremonies 

450238 organization of political meetings 

450213 registration of domain names [legal services] 

450246 regulatory compliance auditing 

450219 releasing doves for special occasions 

450231 conducting religious ceremonies 

450184 organization of religious meetings 

450215 rental of safes 

450196 security screening of baggage 

450225 spiritual consultancy 

450245 tarot card reading services for others 

450222 tracking of stolen property