Trademark Class 42: Scientific & Technological services

Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto; industrial analysis, industrial research and industrial design services; quality control and authentication services; design and development of computer hardware and software.

Class 42 includes mainly services provided by persons in relation to the theoretical and practical aspects of complex fields of activities, for example, scientific laboratory services, engineering, computer programming, architectural services or interior design. 

This Class includes, in particular: 

-services of engineers and scientists who undertake evaluations, estimates, research and reports in the scientific and technological fields, including technological consultancy; 

-computer and technology services for securing computer data and personal and financial information and for the detection of unauthorized access to data and information, for example, computer virus protection services, data encryption services, electronic monitoring of personally identifying information to detect identity theft via the internet; 

-software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS); 

-scientific research services for medical purposes; 

-architectural and urban planning services; 

-certain design services, for example, industrial design, design of computer software and systems, interior design, packaging design, graphic arts design, dress designing; 


-oil, gas and mining exploration services. 

This Class does not include, in particular: 

-certain research services, for example, business research (Class 35), 

    marketing research (Class 35), 

    financial research (Class 36), 

    genealogical research (Class 45), 

    legal research (Class 45); 

-business auditing (Class 35); 

-computer file management services (Class 35); 

-financial evaluation services (Class 36); 

-mining extraction, oil and gas drilling (Class 37); 

-installation, maintenance and repair of computer hardware (Class 37); 

-sound engineering services (Class 41); 

-certain design services, for example, landscape design (Class 44); 

-medical and veterinary services (Class 44); 

-legal services (Class 45).

420008 analysis for oil-field exploitation 

420036 architectural consultancy 

420011 architectural services 

420132 authenticating works of art 

420017 bacteriological research 

420190 biological research 

420250 business card design 

420136 calibration [measuring] 

420228 cartography services 

420007 chemical analysis 

420031 chemical research 

420030 chemistry services 

420224 clinical trials 

420229 cloud computing 

420202 cloud seeding 

420090 computer programming 

420083 computer rental 

420235 computer security consultancy 

420204 computer software consultancy 

420139 computer software design 

420177 computer system analysis 

420194 computer system design 

420232 computer technology consultancy 

420206 computer virus protection services 

420159 rental of computer software 

420038 construction drafting 

420141 consultancy in the design and development of 

              computer hardware 

420207 consultancy in the field of energy-saving 

420203 conversion of computer programs and data, 

              other than physical conversion 

420198 conversion of data or documents from physical to 

              electronic media 

420045 cosmetic research 

420240 creating and designing website-based indexes of information 

              for others [information technology services] 

420199 creating and maintaining web sites for others 

420243 data encryption services 

420242 data security consultancy 

420048 design of interior decor 

420237 interior design 

420249 development of computer platforms 

420210 digitization of documents [scanning] 

420142 dress designing 

420197 duplication of computer programs 

420226 electronic data storage 

420246 electronic monitoring of credit card activity to detect 

              fraud via the internet 

420245 electronic monitoring of personally identifying information to detect identity theft via the internet 

420218 energy auditing 

420064 engineering 

420252 exploration services in the field of the oil,

              gas and mining industries 

420118 geological prospecting 

420119 geological research 

420062 geological surveys 

420144 graphic arts design 

420258 graphic design of promotional materials 

420211 handwriting analysis [graphology] 

420200 hosting computer sites [web sites] 

420049 industrial design 

420221 information technology [IT] consultancy 

420230 information technology services provided on an 

              outsourcing basis 

420227 providing information relating to computer technology 

              and programming via a web site 

420201 installation of computer software 

420241 internet security consultancy 

420079 land surveying 

420176 maintenance of computer software 

420101 mechanical research 

420257 medical research 

420076 meteorological information 

420259 rental of meters for the recording of energy consumption 

420215 monitoring of computer systems by remote access 

420244 monitoring of computer systems for detecting 

              unauthorized access or data breach 

420239 monitoring of computer systems to detect breakdowns 

420225 off-site data backup 

420095 oil prospecting 

420063 oil-field surveys 

420042 oil-well testing 

420050 packaging design 

420248 platform as a service [PaaS] 

420157 quality control 

420213 quality evaluation of standing timber 

420214 quality evaluation of wool 

420175 recovery of computer data 

420161 research and development of new products for others 

420254 research in the field of building construction 

420208 research in the field of environmental protection 

420096 research in the field of physics 

420255 research in the field of telecommunications technology 

420256 research in the field of welding 

420212 providing scientific information, advice and 

              consultancy relating to carbon offsetting 

420251 scientific and technological research in the field of 

              natural disasters 

420253 scientific and technological research relating to 

              patent mapping 

420217 scientific laboratory services 

420222 scientific research 

420209 providing search engines for the internet 

420223 server hosting 

420220 software as a service [SaaS] 

420247 software development in the framework of 

              software publishing 

420165 styling [industrial design] 

420193 surveying 

420061 conducting technical project studies 

420236 technical writing 

420231 technological consultancy 

420040 technological research 

420233 telecommunications technology consultancy 

420058 material testing 

420109 textile testing 

420167 underwater exploration 

420238 unlocking of mobile phones 

420140 updating of computer software 

420192 urban planning 

420261 user authentication services using single sign-on 

              technology for online software applications 

420260 user authentication services using technology for 

              e-commerce transactions 

420195 vehicle roadworthiness testing 

420216 water analysis 

420234 weather forecasting 

420205 rental of web servers 

420219 web site design consultancy