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Ask An Expert for your Taxation, Finance or Business Query

The plan is designed to resolve any query related to notice, capital gains, tax refund, tax audit, tax savings, property tax, foreign income, PF, Pension among others. For any query or problem you may have, our experts will assess your case and guide you on the right course of action. Get on a call with our experts to solve any queries on tax, finance or compliance

Tax planning is not an act of evading the taxes, but to minimize them by availing the benefit of the allowances, deductions, rebates, concessions, and exclusions available well within the statutory framework. In reality, it is not as easy as it looks. A CA is well versed with all the laws and can assist with the best suitable options to provide the maximum possible tax benefit scenario, along with establishing your financial goals.

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About This Plan

Get on a 45 mins call with our experts to solve any queries on tax, finance or compliance

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It usually takes 1 to 2 working days.

Services Covered
Who Should Buy
How It's Done
Documents Required
Services Covered

  • Advisory For salaried individuals, freelancers, financial traders
  • 45 minutes call session with a TAXAJ expert
  • Get answers to your tax or finance queries pertaining to
    • Salary & Other Income (PF, Pension, Interest, Rent)
    • Capital Gains from sale of shares/property
    • Foreign Assets/Income
    • Tax Savings and related investments
    • Income Tax Notices
  • Be guided on the right course of action
  • Plan excludes any GST or startup related queries
Who Should Buy
  • Salaried Individuals
  • Freelancers
  • Financial Traders
How It's Done

    • Purchase of plan
    • Share your Requirements
    • Session with ClearTax Expert
    • Resolution of Query
Documents Required
  • The documents required shall be communicated upon having an analysis of your queries.

People think that an accountant is not required while starting a business. But they are unaware of the thing that an accountant only will set the accounts and will file the tax returns when businesses will be set up. So it is very important to have a CA in the company from the very first day of the startup.

The responsibilities of a CA can be handled by him only, no other person can do it as it needs experience. A CA will always do his work on time let it be the registering of the taxes or tax compliance. And a well educated CA will not only help you with the accounting things but will also help in other fields.

Before hiring a CA to check all the requirements you want from him. Ask them whether they have professional indemnity insurance or not and many things related to them. And also remember that you must ask them for the contact number, email address and postal address and all these must be verified.

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Why you need a Chartered Accountant (Financial Doctors) by your side?

The cycle is incomplete without CA

There are some who consider that the principal ingredient that acts as a core for any successful company is the quality of their product, some might state, marketing skills while others define their command in after-sales support as the reason for success. But many miss the role of a financial expert who helps the organization to achieve profitable results.

• Chartered accountant firms in India give valuable advice related to finance.

• CA firms in India audit accounts and provide reports, which are precise, trustworthy, and unquestionably vital.

• The multirole of a CA includes tasks such as taxation, auditing, legal accounting, corporate economics, company recovery, and insolvency.

Every company, irrespective of scale, needs a CA - All entities, large or small, require a financial expert that they can rely on.

• Depending on the requirements of the firm, Chartered accountant firms in Mumbai prepares a model that best suits the organization.

• They can make sure that the financial processes and structure of the business is efficient and supports the operational efficiencies of the company.

Maintaining records

• Maintaining the right state of records is not only a great business practice but is also a legal necessity, even if the firm is small.

• The best chartered accountants in Mumbai support an organization and guide them in record keeping.

• They not only make the firm legally compliant but can also act as a powerful means to analyze and visualize the economic position of the company in the past and the future.

Their hand in auditing processes

• Audits are mandatory for all entities and while they are complicated and time-consuming, they are necessary to ensure that the business remains compliant with all laws.

• Good Chartered Accountant firms work with their clients to improve their book-keeping and risk management so that there are no surprises in the year-end audit

Laying out an effective business plan

• With the help of their strategic understanding and vast perception of financing, top chartered accountant firms in India make it easy for companies to lay down new business plans or tweak the existing ones to achieve remarkable results for the company.

With time, as the business keeps on growing and, developing there are more complexities, such as handling tax & business procedures. A Chartered Accountant takes care of such situations by providing effective solutions to the company.

Round the year advisory & support

With a Chartered Accountant by your side you are in a better control of your finances and legal matters at any point of time. You can be benefitted by:

→ Savings in Interest by paying proper Advance Tax.

→ Saving late charges & penalties by complying to taxation.

→ Proper advisory at all the time results in saving from consequences and legal matters.

→ Better investment with guidance of Idle Funds.

→ Early updation about latest government notifications and updates.

In what ways a CA can help you?

The rapid change in Economy is a big challenge for the professionals to well verse with the in-depth knowledge of the changes occurring in the financial environment, their consequences and its measures. Doesn’t matter the size of the organization, each one needs a good consultant which could ensure them for profit earning and other compliances

Various other specific roles of a CA:

  • Accounting and Auditing

A Chartered accountant is well trained with this financial analytics, which enables him inefficient maintenance of accounts and financial statements. Since Auditing ensures the users of financial statements in the accounts presented before them are prepared on the correct accounting principles and laws, a CA is entrusted with the responsibility of auditing them.

  • Management Consultancy

A CA as a management consultant performs a lot of consulting services such as designing the budgetary and controls system, advisory services for effective production policies, Mergers and Acquisitions, analyzing market opportunities, appraisal of the policies and processes, assist in problem-solving in the operational matters, etc.

  • Fair valuation of assets and liabilities

CA’s are well versed about the various methods of valuation of the assets and liabilities needed in various transactions such as investments, divestments, mergers, demergers, JVs, equity-swaps, purchase or sale of assets including intangible assets, etc. Also during Compliance and Disclosure, including fair-value statements and restatements under Indian GAAP (including the new IndAS), IFRS & US GAAP, for matters such as Impairment testing, Purchase Price Allocation, valuation of Financial Instruments, ESOPs, etc.

  • Registration of companies, LLP’s & firms

Chartered accountants (CA) or company secretaries (CS) are authorized to approve and certify all the documents that are required in the company registration process. Approval& attestation by a CA/CS is required before uploading it to the MCA website for company registration in Delhi or any other state in India.

  • Due diligence &Investigation of fraud

For their expertise and trustworthiness, CA’s are hired to investigate the fraud occurring in the organization and report it to the higher authorities or to the Government in case hired in a special circumstance.

  • Role in lifting-up the Start-ups

After the implementation of new start-up schemes, CA is proving to be donning multiple roles as they mainly involved in e-commerce activities, which has a different transaction process than the normal trading activity, and thereby the rules, laws, and taxation applied on them are quite different. Also, other subsidies or liberalizations offered to the start-ups and its impact & consequences need to be understood perfectly before availment, which a CA can effectively fulfill. So now it is essential to measure and understand how chartered accountants can help entrepreneurs to run a profitable and successful venture.

  • Registrations of Society and Trusts

The rules for society registration/Trust registration/NGO registration are quite different than the normal company registration, which a layman may not understand. Even the compliances are different, which an expert CA can easily point out and save you from the headache.

  • Taxation services to NRI’s

An NRI is liable to file tax returns in India if he either owns an asset or has taxable income in India. CA’s are well equipped with circumstances like the inheritance of wealth by NRI, the transaction of sale/purchase of properties, active businesses in India or simply have investments in shares / NRE deposits in India. All these compliances require NRIreturn filing in India &assistance to save taxes and at times repatriate the funds out of /in India. Keeping the above transactions in mind, a CA assists in filling the NRI’s tax return in India.

  • Compliance with all new GST laws

With the onset of GST, transactions and its effects have become even more complicated. The reports that need to be filed every month, quarter, year & the rules for the ITC claim, settlement or its limitation period. All these are troublesome for a layman. Any lapse might lead to huge losses & affect the working and the profitability of the business. In such a case, a CA can turn into a knight of the armor and take you safely from this storm equipped by his knowledge, expertise, trustworthiness, and experience.

  • Registration of Trademark

Trademark registration involves chronological step by step process as mentioned below:-

  1. Checking availability of proposed name with the device
  2. Filling Application documents
  3. Checking Objections
  4. Filling reply against objections
  5. Ensuring issuance of the registration certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make best use of this session?

    Keep a list of questions and relevant documents handy with you. Make sure you ask specific questions so that our expert can guide you in a precise manner.

  • How will I know if the expert will be able to address my query?

    Once you purchase our plan, our team will understand the nature of your case and assign a consultant with experience in handling similar matters to address your query.

  • What if I don’t get all my queries resolved in one session?

    You can take up multiple sessions. In case you wish to continue your existing session, you can do so on paying at the standard rate.

  • During the session, your expert advises me on the service that meets my requirement. Does this plan also cover the service recommended by your expert?

    Under this plan, we only offer advisory services and recommend the right course of action for you. The service prescribed by our experts will not be covered under this plan. Should you choose to avail the service recommended by our experts, the charges for this plan will be adjusted if the subsequent service has a minimum value of Rs. 2000.

  • What should I do if I need regular advice from an expert?

    Our team will be happy to assist you with custom packages wherein you can book multiple sessions with our experts.