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SEDEX Certification and Audit

SEDEX is one of the world’s leading ethical trade membership organization, working with businesses to improve working conditions in global supply chains. 

Using SEDEX enables businesses to work together to better manage their social and environmental performance and improve working conditions throughout the supply chain. Over 60,000 member organizations from over 180 countries use the SEDEX platform to exchange data, manage business risk, meet compliance and drive positive impact on people. We have 5 years of expertise and work with some of the world’s most recognizable brands and standard setting organizations.

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About This Plan

Avail various benefits under the scheme ? Apply for SEDEX with TAXAJ

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It usually takes 3 to 5 working days.

Services Covered
Who Should Buy
How It's Done
Documents Required
Services Covered

  • Drafting documents
  • Filing of forms with Authorities
  • Documented Follow-up
  • Business hours - CA support
Who Should Buy
  • Any business entity or Individual
How It's Done

    • Purchase of plan
    • Upload documents on Vault
    • Drafting of documents
    • Submission of documents and application with Department
    • Receipt of Registration letter
Documents Required

  1. Name, Contact Number and Email Id of Stakeholder.

  2. Self Attested PAN, Aadhar & Passport size photo of Stakeholder.

  3. Specimen Signatures of Stakeholder.

  4. Latest Electricity Bill/Landline Bill of Registered Office.

  5. NOC from owner of registered office. (If Owned)

  6. Rent Agreement from Landlord. (If Rented/Leased)

  7. PAN, TAN, COI of the Business Entity

  8. Cancelled Cheque in business name 

Why Join SEDEX?

Trading in a globalized economy is a complex business. With the opportunity to make new partnerships and unlock fresh markets come challenges around accountability.

How can you be sure your value chain is treating its workforce fairly?

How can you be clear about the impact of new legislation on your operations?

How can you reduce risk in a fast-changing, interconnected business environment?

Whether you are a global retail brand or manufacturer, an international agent, or a single production site, Sedex can help you simplify the business of responsible trade.

When you join Sedex, you don’t just access our services. You join a global community of leaders in responsible sourcing.

Our services enable our members to save time and money managing their data around ethical performance, and to get the insight that can support their continuous improvement. The approachable, multi-lingual Sedex Helpdesk is open to all members, along with published guidance, online learning and updates on best practice.

Managing multi-tier data more simply

By using our products and services our members can manage their multi-tier, responsible sourcing data simply and efficiently. They can take advantage of standardised formats and reports and collaborate by sharing common information.

Providing cost-effective solutions

Sedex is ‘owned’ by its members, so it is completely focused on providing the responsible sourcing data, technology solutions, products and services our members need. Our scale and expertise also help us bring together members and stakeholders to drive convergence between different industry standards and methodologies.

Driving continuous improvement

We understand supply chain management as a continuous, collaborative process of improvement. Our audit methodology helps businesses identify opportunities for improvement and work with their suppliers to make changes. They also reduce duplication and ‘audit fatigue’ by allowing suppliers to share one set of data with multiple customers.

Take control with Sedex Advance

Sedex Advance is the largest collaborative platform in the world which allows you to capture, analyse, manage and present risk information in your supply chain, for your industry. Increase your social, environmental and ethical sustainability, to enhance and protect your corporate reputation, globally.

For buyers, we make it simpler to understand how supply chains are performing, and to identify and act on opportunities for improvement.

For suppliers, we make it easy to share information with multiple buyers in an agreed format. This frees up time spent on unnecessary duplication.

Audit Services

SEDEX is an innovative and effective supply chain management solution, helping you to reduce risk, protect your company reputation and
improve supply chain practices.

SEDEX, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, is a non-profit membership organisation dedicated to driving ethical business practices in the
supply chain. universal standard for companies interested in auditing and certifying labour practices in their facilities and those of their
suppliers and vendors. It is designed for independent third party certification

SEDEX is based on the principles of international human rights norms as described in International Labor Organisation conventions, the
United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
De System provides SEDEX compliance and audit services in New Delhi India.

Benefits and importance of Sedex / Smeta

In order to carry out good and adequate commercial practices, Sedex has been established. This is seen as a non-profit organization, which
is accessed by a membership, aiming to promote and improve responsible commercial ethics in global supply chains.
This establishment creates a very secure database which is accessed online, and allows Sedex to ensure an ethical supply chain data gathering. Its objective is to help brands and retailers to monitor all the work made by their suppliers, letting them know if they can properly fulfill their own responsibilities.

Currently, Sedex has more than 36,000 members in nearly 150 countries, which makes it an organization of global character and

It is worth saying that since its creation, Sedex has been looking to achieve two important goals. The first has to do with alleviating the
burden on suppliers by reducing the need for numerous audits, questionnaires and certifications. While on the other land, it wants to improve the ethical performance of global supply chains. This means that suppliers can perform audits on their sites, which allow them to verify that they accomplish all their social and ethical responsibilities in terms of employees and work environment. The audit is loaded into the Sedex platform, so that the provider's customers can see the results of each audit and use them to identify and
help resolve any existing problems.

Sedex / Smeta

It is worth noting that Sedex members must undergo a series of agreed audits within a list of guidelines in order to improve the practices
from the associated audit group.
In other words, to ensure the clarity of these audits, within Sedex, the group of Associate Auditors has worked together to develop the Sedex
Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA). This is nothing more than a publicly available audit procedure that establishes a compilation of good practices in ethical audit techniques.
The SMETA guidelines provide a framework for the audit structure and methodology, sample sizes and reporting documents. Sedex provides a fairly wide range on reference materials and training for its members, this way they can ethically manage their business performance and be always prepared for an audit. These audits are conducted according to the standards of the SMETA Best Practice Guidance and reviews on the company's performance in a variety of ethical business issues.

Benefits of Smeta Audit

One of the main characteristics that we can see on these type of audits has to do with the growth opportunities that are offered, quality and delivery times, because there is an obligation to take care of both customers and users to ensure that these suppliers are working ethically and taking their corporate social responsibility very seriously.
Independent audits can verify that suppliers are operating correctly and responsibly. Every audit is performed by experienced, qualified and accredited auditors who work based on the SMETA guidelines, making sure the highest standards are always being properly followed. It is essential that suppliers can demonstrate to their customers that ethical commerce and corporate social responsibility are taken seriously. An ethical business audit, downloaded from Sedex, is a convenient and practical way to do this in a cost-effective and transparent

All Sedex members will be able to share data with multiple customers. This works as a totally efficient way of communication, reducing audit
costs and demonstrating compliance. It is understood that supply chain management is a process consisting on continuous and collaborative improvement. In this sense, applying this audit methodology will allow different companies to identify opportunities for improvement and create a better way to work with their suppliers in order to make positive changes. Also, duplications and "audit fatigue" will be reduced by allowing providers to share a set of information with multiple clients.

In conclusion, Sedex seeks to design processes to make its members simpler when looking ways to generate an effective line of business.

What's the best way to get Sedex / Smeta?

For this matter, you can trust TAXAJ, the most trustworthy consulting agency around the world for Sedex compliance. We conduct SMETA audits, including business ethics standards, along with labour, environment, health and safety. For this procedure, we use the SMETA Best Practice Guide Version 6.0, that way we can conduct audits for our clients with the best techniques