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TAXAJ Corporate Services LLP - Financial Doctors

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TAXAJ works with companies, governments, international development agencies, charitable foundations and individuals, to grow and nurture an effective and sustainable network that creates impact for under-served young entrepreneurs on a global scale. TAXAJ brings together members, partners and supporters with aligned goals to create change for young entrepreneurs at speed and at scale. We do this by drawing on the unique ability of the network to learn, innovate and share the diverse expertise and knowledge that make our members effective individually and powerful collectively.

Become a Partner Now & Grow Exponentially

​Let's Partner Up

If you're really passionate about finance & providing excellent customer services, then you can be our next Partner!

We are known for:

  • Offering 1000+ Legal, Financial & Taxation solutions across different verticals.
  • Reliable team of Expert Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, & Lawyers.
  • Delivering highest quality of services to more than 1 lakh partner referrals
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Our Strength

Exceptional Team

Result-oriented & Analytical
International & Diverse

Extensive Use of Technology

Digital Marketing made by Engineers
Custom in-house technology
Years of experience, Expertise & Know-how

Highest Quality of Service

Very high quality standards
Reliable & Trustworthy company
Strong relationships with our partners

Large Eco-System

TAXAJ has a wide network of Partners & Associates in India & Abroad to provide quality & affordable services without any hassles and delay.

How TAXAJ Partner Network Program works:

We’re always on the lookout for partnership opportunities with businesses across different sectors. We offer customized packages of legal services that best fit your business’ and your customers' requirements at discounted prices. Work with us to co-develop programs in line with your organizational priorities and values that support young entrepreneurs locally, regionally and globally. Partnering with TAXAJ offers a range of tailored opportunities for your employees to share their expertise and develop their skills by supporting our members or engaging directly with young entrepreneurs. TAXAJ has rich data and insights from over 50 countries. By becoming a partner you can access this data and insights and help us build the robust evidence needed to improve practice globally. Expand your profile and broaden your perspectives through the many formal and informal opportunities the network offers to convene leading experts, specialists and supporters in the youth entrepreneurship field.

taxaj partner network program

Come, Join Us

Become a Partner Now & Grow Exponentially

Service Partnerships

If you run a Professional Taxation, Financial, Legal or Accounting Firm or any other related service anywhere in India and you don't have enough resources or knowledge or time or manpower to help your customers or you don't want that to handle yourself, we are here to help you.

We are among the highest rated and fastest growing professional firm on Pan India Level with more than 500 positive reviews on Google. This speaks about our focus on customer satisfactions through quality services.

We are also partnered with some of the leading professional firms on global basis to provide services in India & Abroad in a flawless manner.

Taxaj Service Ratings

TAXAJ Partner Network Benefits

As a member of TAXAJ Partner Network you will have access to business & marketing resources you need to be successful & grow your business.

Diverse Portfolio of Offerings

With TAXAJ you will forget to say "No' to your clients irrespective of the type or area of their requirements, we got you covered.

Advance Sales Tools

You get all the latest marketing and sales tools that will give you an edge over your competitors.

Training & Support

We shall provide you adequate training and all time support whenever you may need to deal with the clients.

Discounted Pricing

With our large partner network you will be benefitted with pricing for all the services in almost all the regions.

Expert Panel

TAXAJ consists of panel of experts in their respective fields which will help you in between any situations you may fall with clients.

Guaranteed Growth

Growth is guaranteed when you are with us because we have always believed in growing together.

Fill the Void

Businesses are looking for enablement on using expert advisory in their business process.

Stay Ahead of the Pack

Expand your service portfolio and outpace your competition.

Improve Client Success

Transform the way your clients communicate with video throughout the sales process.

Earn Your Badge

Display your TPN badge on business materials to validate your expertise.

Grow with TAXAJ

TAXAJ Partner Programs allows you to better serve your clients & uncover new revenue opportunities through the power of diversification.

Partner Program
Referral Program
Partner Program

Become a TAXAJ Partner

As a partner TAXAJ will help you in driving your clients business & taxation powered by our trusted panel of experts.

Referral Program

Join our Referral Program

As a member, you get access to training and

 enablement content, revenue sharing, 

and more.

  • Create your account
  • Refer clients to TAXAJ
  • Receive 10% commission when they become a customer
certifications from taxaj

TAXAJ Certified

Become a trusted resource for businesses 
looking to sell more with finance & taxation.

With TAXAJ's Certification, your agency can 
expand its services while helping your 
clients grow their revenue.

You’ll obtain the expertise and tools 
needed to build tailored services to help 
businesses use expertise to prospect 
new business, work opportunities, 
and close more revenue.

Each partnership with TAXAJ is unique and built around shared priorities that contribute towards our goal of helping young people across the world achieve their entrepreneurial potential.