Part-time CFO

With Taxaj at your side you are always a step ahead of your competitors. You can have the expertise of a Part-time CFO while actually not hiring a CFO. We at Taxaj promise every client to provide them with best of the financial advisory and data backed decision making figures, which help them best in setting up the financial structure of their company.

"Taxaj is a leading implementation services company which provides CFO and Finance effectiveness services to clients across industry verticals and size."

Why Virtual CFO?

Team of expert professionals like CA, CS, Lawyers, Attorneys, with rich corporate experience from finance, investment banking & marketing sector.

Our Services

Virtual CFO Services seeks to provide strategic financial skills to take your company to the next level without hiring a full-time person.

Key Areas

Regular scrutiny & supervision of finance function, Robust MIS, Strategic advice, Budget and Support in increasing your profits.


Client testimonials are very importance in creating trust with prospective customers. It gives us satisfaction when our clients acknowledge


Finance Effectiveness & CFO Services

As your Virtual CFO its our optimum duty to look after the company as our own, and we take the decision or propose the plan that suits the best for the company according to the prevalent situation

Virtual CFO Service

Virtual CFO helps in managing needs of the owner at one go in packaged form.

Business Plan & Budget

We can prepare simple budget for small companies to complex budget for large companies.

Profit Maximisation

We help corporates increase profits ethically through use of financial and management expertise.

Family Settlement

We have expertise in handling family settlement involving multi crore of wealth and variety of businesses.

Saving Time & Money

The Virtual CFO Team saves you time and money by bringing together detailed research, data collection, and an extensively developed banking and professional network.

Increase profitable growth

Whether your business is growing, stretching or trying to increase efficiencies, Virtual CFO services can help you map it, drive cash to the optimal positions and help you hit your goals.

Implementing strategy & plans

We understands that businesses rise and fall based on their ability to develop and carry out sound strategic plans. Virtual CFO can step in to fill the strategic gap, ensuring you anticipate and avoid expensive mistakes.