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As your business grows, you will face new challenges that neither you nor your management team are prepared for. The unified vision you had at the beginning can get blurred as financial and operational requirements pile up and skill set gaps widen. You will also have more & more responsibilities and tasks with limited budget or man power, this where TAXAJ rescues you by taking over your load of management, compliances, expert advisory & much more so that you can work and core business areas and leave everything else to our in-house professional experts to deal with at much affordable charges.


Our Virtual CEO, CFO, COO services go beyond basic tax compliances and move to the actual leadership of a virtual CEO and business partner.                Take our free evaluation to learn which areas of your business will gain from our knowledge and expertise.

"Taxaj is a leading implementation services company which provides CEO, COO, CFO and Finance effectiveness services to clients across industry verticals and size."

TAXAJ's Virtual CEO, COO and CFO Typically Help Manage..


  • Board engagement

  • Organizational sustainability

  • Cross-functional collaboration

  • Contract negotiation

  • Meeting facilitation

  • Legal and ethics

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Community relations


  • Systematic and repeatable processes

  • Continuous process improvement

  • Process standardization

  • Scaling for growth

  • Resource planning

  • Plant and equipment replacement planning

  • Supply chain management


  • Culture development

  • Team building

  • Hiring and onboarding

  • Coaching & mentoring

  • Performance reviews

  • Recognition

  • Employee experience

  • Retention and promotion


  • Customer satisfaction

  • Customer experience

  • Customer engagement

  • Sales process

  • Complaint resolution

  • Uniform branding

  • Marketing

  • Product mix management


  • Annual strategic planning and implementation cycle

  • Competitive analysis

  • Gathering strategic inputs

  • Mission & Vision

  • Prioritization of objectives

  • Ongoing assessment, reporting and adjustment

Results & Reporting

  • Development of a holistic set of key performance indicators

  • Financial reporting

  • Budgeting

  • Cash management

  • Risk management

  • Overall organizational value-growth

Why Virtual CFO?

Team of expert professionals like CA, CS, Lawyers, Attorneys, with rich corporate experience from finance, investment banking & marketing sector.

Our Services

Virtual CFO Services seeks to provide strategic financial skills to take your company to the next level without hiring a full-time person.

Key Areas

Regular scrutiny & supervision of finance function, Robust MIS, Strategic advice, Budget and Support in increasing your profits.


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How does it work ?

1. Schedule a Virtual Consulting with us.

2. Get your business assessed

3. A Virtual CEO advisor will give you a walkthrough of our service, and onboard you as a user.

4. Complete a business audit where we map out your company goals and objectives.

5. Get introduced to your virtual team

6. Begin life as a Virtual CEO! Unlimited work requests and your virtual department managed via our software 

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Your Entire Department On Subscription

With Virtual CEO there's no need for hiring, or managing multiple freelancers. With an easy to use software and flat rate fee its as easy as paying for your Netflix subscription!

unlimited work requests

Unlimited Work Requests

Submit as many work requests as you like, via our platform and your team of specialists will work through them in priority order.

unlimited work requests

Flat Rate & Pocket Friendly Charges

Submit as many work requests as you like, via our platform and your team of specialists will work through them in priority order.

unlimited work requests

Easy to Manage

Manage your team via our software, build out your company dashboard, submit work requests and comment on tasks.

unlimited work requests

Tailor Made Strategy

A custom strategy, tailor-made for your business to ensure you reach your revenue and business objectives.

How Can a TAXAJ's Virtual Leader Help You?

Schedule a virtual meet/conversation with TAXAJ's solutions specialist to assess your organization's needs.

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