USA Company Registration: LLC & C Corporation

Start your business in the United States from anywhere

USA Company registration is now easy as there is no need to travel to the USA or physically be present in the USA. As the process can be commenced and completed online in less than a week through TAXAJ.

Indian Companies looking to expand or have a non-resident Indian Customer base can enjoy several USA company registration advantages.

The United States being a developed nation, is an economic superpower because of its advanced infrastructure, technology, and abundant natural resources. The economy is service-oriented, contributing 80% of its GDP, whereas manufacturing contributes about 15% of its output.

With rapid development and globalization and a substantial English-speaking population, Indian businesses are unique to exploring the American market. With the lowest corporate taxes and well-established business laws and practices, most Indian companies with global ambition think that the USA is the right choice.

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About This Plan

Get your private limited company registered in the fastest possible manner.

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It normally takes us 20 business days to get everything done for you. If you have an SSN or a TIN, the process takes 2-4 business days.

Services Covered
Who Should Buy
How It's Done
Documents Required
Services Covered

1. State filing fees
2. Company formation
3. Obtaining EIN (Tax ID for the company)
4. Post-Incorporation set up
5. The first year of registered agent fees
6. Fees for the first month of a US-based address through our partner Anytime Mailbox
7. A business bank account with our partner, which is set up remotely so you do not need to visit US
8. One-time free tax consultation
9. Special offers and discounts from our partners
10. Lifetime support from us.

Who Should Buy

  • Businesses looking to expand or scale operations on higher level
How It's Done

  1. DSC Application

  2. Name approval form filing

  3. Preparation of Incorporation Documents

  4. Getting those docs signed by the respective stakeholders

  5. Filing of e-Forms

  6. Receipt of Incorporation Certificate.

Documents Required

  1. Name, Contact Number and Email Id of all the Stakeholders.

  2. Directors Identification Number, if already.

  3. Self Attested PAN, Aadhar & Passport size photo of all the Stakeholders.

  4. Apostilled Passport, Mobile Bill and other KYC docs in case of NRI Stakeholder.

  5. Latest Month Personal Bank statement of all the Stakeholders.

  6. Specimen Signatures of all Stakeholders.

  7. Few Proposed Business Names along with Objects.

  8. Brief description of main business activities of the proposed Company.

  9. Shareholding pattern (50:50 or 60:40) between the Stakeholders.

  10.  Authorised & Paid Up Share Capital of the Company.

Strategies for Launching your Business in USA:

Business in the US can be set up in sole proprietorship, general partnership, LLC, or a Corporation. However, the entries for Indian companies are limited to an LLC or a C corporation in the USA.

In the USA, the laws and the regulations relevant to the Incorporation and management of LLC or corporation differ from one state to another. We incorporate all LLC or Corporations for Indian Nationals in Delaware as Company registration in Delaware has various benefits like low taxes, minimal maintenance fees, and excellent corporate laws.

Well, incorporating in Delaware is not only a good option for Indian Nationals and companies, but even American Companies as more than half of the companies are publicly traded, and fortune 500 companies in the USA are incorporated in Delaware.

LLC (Limited Liability Company)

LLC is a type of entity that has features of both corporation and a partnership. LLC provides the owners limited liability protection in case of a lawsuit and even bankruptcy. LLCs are more flexible, and the compliance requirements for LLC are simple.

A corporation requires resolutions and shareholders meetings and the recording and filing of forms showing meetings that were held and votes. On the contrary, LLCs do not require annual shareholders' meetings.


If the goal is to seek funding from the VCs and angel investors, it is better to seek a C corporation in the USA. The bankers, investors, customers, suppliers, and employees consider corporations ideal for most businesses.

C-Corporations independent legal entities that are separate from the people who own, control, and manage. Due to this, it is viewed as a regular person in tax laws and can thus be engaged in business, and contracts can initiate lawsuits and be sued.

difference between llc and corporation

Will I need to travel to the USA for Incorporation?

No, you need not travel to the USA for incorporation. It can be completed without leaving India.

Will I need a passport of visa to Incorporate a US LLC or Corporation?

No, any foreign national can incorporate a US LLC or Corporation without having a passport or US visa.

How many persons are required to open a US LLC or Corporation?

Just one person is sufficient to incorporate a US LLC or Corporation.

What is the Process of Incorporation of USA Company Registration?

The first step begins for USA Company registration starts with uploading the required documents on the ICFO portal. Our business consultant will then verify the details and the documents. Simultaneously, we try to register the name for which we check the name availability. Once the name is registered, we begin with the third next step.

Once the name gets registered, the process for preparing the AOA begins. This is to be signed by the company directors, shareholders, and secretary before registering a USA company. Throughout the process, our business consultant will keep you updated with the process of company registration. Once the AOA is prepared, the company gets incorporated, and the next step is to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the USA.

The process for registration varies slightly from state to state, and is somewhat dependent on whether you’re forming an LLC or a C-Corp. Here are some of the basic steps and requirements:

1. Choose a unique name as a trademark

You will need to choose a unique name that has not been previously registered in the United States. The US Patent and Trademark Office has a trademark database you can search.

2. Register with state agencies

You’ll likely need to register with any state where you will conduct business activities. This involves;

  • Having a physical presence in the state
  • Frequent in-person client meetings in the state
  • A significant amount of your company’s revenue comes from that state
  • If any of your employees work in the state

3. Get a registered agent

A registered agent is a business or individual who receives official papers and legal documents on behalf of your company.

4. File for Foreign Qualification

You’ll need to file for a foreign qualification in other states where you also conduct business activities.

5. File state documents and fees

The documents you’ll need will vary according to your business structure and the where you register the business. You’ll typically need the following information:

  • Business name
  • Business location
  • Ownership, management structure, or directors
  • Registered agent information
  • Number and value of shares (for corporations)

The total cost to register your business in the US is usually less than $300 but this can vary from state-to-state and your business structure.

6. Register with local agencies

You might need to file for licenses and permits from the county or city for LLC, corporation, partnership, or nonprofit corporation business types. If you’re using a trade name or a fictitious name, you might also have to register them in the local county or city.

7. Open a Business bank account

If you don’t have an existing business account, you’re required to get one to carry out business financial transactions in the US especially for LLC and corporation types. There are a lot of options to choose from but it's worth putting some effort into research as some banks/providers can be a lot cheaper than the other for the same types of services. If you’re looking for a more flexible and quick to open business account, check out Wise for Business without borders - it's specially designed to cut the cost on international payments.

What is Registered Agent?

All Delaware LLCs or Corporations are required to maintain a registered agent in the State of Delaware who would be responsible for receiving and processing all official mail on behalf of the Delaware company. Our USA registration package includes Delaware Registered Agent service for one year.

What are the Corporate Tax Rates for Company in USA?

The USA has two corporate income tax levels levied on LLCs and Corporations - Federal Corporate Tax and State Corporate Tax. The Federal corporate income tax rate has recently been reduced from 35% to 21% by The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA).

State corporate income tax rate in the US differs from one state to another. The lowest being 3% in North Carolina to 12% in Iowa. Delaware corporate taxes are levied at 8.7% of net income. However, if a business is incorporated in Delaware but does not transact business in the State of Delaware, then state corporate tax would not be levied. Thus, a Delaware incorporation would be most advantageous for foreign nationals and entities seeking to do business in the USA through Delaware.

Why is USA Company registration beneficial for Indian businesses?

We can trace the first benefit as the business laws and regulations are well-formed as well as the corporate income tax rates are meager, which is extremely favorable for the foreign business to dive in.

However, it is to be noted that every state in the USA is governed by its state and laws and regulations that differ from each other vastly. States like Delaware, Wyoming, Nevada provide the most complimenting business and taxation laws, which makes it better for companies to incorporate.

Specifically, Delaware has no state sales tax, and the state's franchise tax or small US businesses is also meager. In addition to this, there is no need for non-residents to pay separate corporate income tax in Delaware.

Besides this here are the other advantages.

  • The laws and regulations are business-friendly.
  • As there is limited liability, personal assets such as houses and savings are safe from liabilities.
  • The corporate income tax rates are low.
  • The laws do not require the disclosure of the names of the company shareholders and directors.