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Net Worth Certificate of Individual & Company

Net worth of an individual or an Enterprise is the total assets of the individual or Enterprise less total liabilities. Net worth thus gives a good indication of the total financial worth of a person at a point in time. Positive net worth that is growing year on year shows good financial health; conversely, a negative net worth or net worth decreasing year on year shows poor financial health. Net worth is used as an indicator of financial health in various processes.

Net worth certificate is a document that is compiled and certified usually by a Chartered Accountant taking into consideration all the assets and liabilities of the individual or Enterprise. Net worth Certificate maybe required as a part of an application for the decision maker to gauge the financial health of the applicant. Net worth certificate from a Chartered Accountant is commonly required as a part of visa application, bank loan application, franchisee application and more.

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  • Certifications & Attestations of documents.
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  • Any Individual or Business planning to apply for Bank Loan, Visa, Franchisee, etc
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    • Purchase of plan
    • Upload documents
    • Verification of documents
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  • Documents along with supporting that needs to be attested or certified.

All you need to know about Net Worth Certificate from a Chartered Accountant!

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Service Price Options Of Net Worth Certificate

Net Worth Certificate
(Value Upto INR 50 Lakhs)

✅ Net Worth by Chartered Accountant

✅ Price Includes Net Worth Upto INR 50 Lakh

Draft shared over email for Approval

✅ 2-3 Working Hours

✅ Free Consultation

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Net Worth Certificate
(Value 0.5 to 1 Crores)

✅ Net Worth by Chartered Accountant

✅ Price Includes Net Worth 0.5 to 1 Crore

✅Draft shared over email for Approval

✅ 2-3 Working Hours

✅ Free Consultation

Buy Now @ INR 5,000/-

Net Worth Certificate
(Value 1 to 5 Crores)

✅ Net Worth by Chartered Accountant

✅ Price Includes Net Worth 0.5 to 1 Crore

✅Draft shared over email for Approval

✅ 2-3 Working Hours

✅ Free Consultation

Buy Now @ INR 10,000
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Process for Issuing Net Worth Certificate

process to issue net worth certificate

Preliminary Documents Checklist

Pan Card, Aadhar Card

Basic KYC Documents are needed for Identity Verification

Financial Statements for Financial Year

Such as funds held in Deposit accounts, Bank statements, PPF, FD's

Details of All the Types of Assets

Which are purchased for long-term and not likely to be converted into cash (examples - Land, buildings, Vehicles, Gold, Investments, Bank Balance, etc)

Details of All your Liabilities and Guarantees to Other

Share all the details of liabilities such as Loans, Payables, Creditors, Guarantees, etc

Process Flow After Documents

→ Submit the Documents as per Checklist

→ Documents are verified by CA

→ Net-worth Certificate Draft copy is Shared over E-Mail

→ After Approval Unique Identification Number (UDIN) is generated with ICAI for Authenticity of the Certificate.

→ Final CA Certified copy is issued

process for net worth certificate from taxaj

Reasons For Obtaining Net Worth Certificate

Visa Application

During a visa application process, net worth certificates are requested to determine the financial net worth of the visa applicant.

Bank Loan Application

During a bank loan application process, net worth certificates are requested to determine the financial worth of the loan applicant.

Franchisee Application

During a franchisee application process, net worth certificates are requested by the franchisor to determine the financial net worth.

Who Certifies Net Worth Certificate in India?

In India, Only Practicing Chartered Accountant (CA) Certify Networth Certificate for VISA. Certificate must quote the UDIN (Unique Document Identification Number) Duly Generated by Chartered Accountant for Online Authentication of Networth Certificate. Also Seal of CA and Sign of CA required with Date and Place of Singing of Networth Certificate.

What are the checklist conditions of the Net Worth Certificate for visa applications?

  • Networth certificate for visa applications helps determine the financial health of applicants.
  • On the basis of networth certificate issuance of visa is determined.
  • Similarly, a franchisee application also requires a networth certificate for determining the economic capability of the applicant, to conduct business.

How to acquire a Net Worth Certificate?

  • Pre-consultation with experts helps set us in the right direction to acquiring a networth certificate.
  • Approach a Chartered Accountant (CA) or get help from a similar online service provider.
  • After engaging with a CA, submit all documents, records, assets, and liabilities required.
  • After determining the total net worth calculation, from the information provided, a chartered accountant will prepare a networth certificate and certify it.
  • What are the documents required for preparing a Net Worth Certificate?

    • Fixed Assets (Both Movable & Immovable)
    • Pledged securities.
    • Intangible assets.
    • Bank balance.
    • Investments in shares/ mutual funds.
    • Capital involved in Business.
    • Vehicles, etc.

    What can be included in Net Worth Certificate?

    Value of Immovable Assets

    Value of Movable Assets

    • Bunglow / Plot
    • Appartment / Flats for Residence
    • Agriculture Land/ other Land
    • Office/ Commercial Spaces etc
    • Attached Furniture etc.
    • Other Immovable Property/Assets
    • Bank Balance / FD's / Mutual Fund / Shares etc
    • Vehicle (Car, Bike, Bus, Plane, etc)
    • Gold Ornaments, Diamonds, Metal Etc
    • Book Value of Sundry Debtors, Stock, Assets etc.
    • Realization Value of Life Insurance, Investments etc
    • Other Monetary Assets

    Sample of Net Worth Certificate

    sample of net worth certificate