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AD Code Registration on Ice-Gate for Export

In a world where the total number of online buyers globally has spiked through more than 2.14 billion, venturing into the global market and expanding business is every entrepreneur’s dream come true. But stepping into cross-border trade is no small feat. There are legal documentation processes and international compliance requirements one needs to be aware of. 

To start with, an Import Export Code (IEC) is a prime requirement to get your goods shipped, whether you’re an exporter or importer. Think of it like the passport, but for your goods. Other than the IEC code, there are four other documentation requirements that are primary for customs clearance – Shipping Bill, Bill of Lading, Export General Manifest and AD Code.  

Let’s delve into what is AD code and why one needs AD code for export.

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Application & Generation of AD Code on Ice-Gate for Export through Customs

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2-5 working days

Services Covered
Who Should Buy
How It's Done
Documents Required
Services Covered

  • Generation of AD Code
Who Should Buy
  • Business or Individual planning to export goods through customs port.
How It's Done

    • Purchase of Plan
    • Expert Assigned
    • Share the details as requested
    • Filing of Application
    • Generation of AD Code
Documents Required
  1. AD Code (Request Letter to Bank in DGFT Format)
  2. Copy of IEC (Import Export Code) Code
  3. Copy of Pan Card 
  4. GST Registration Certificate 
  5. Export House Certificate (this is optional)
  6. Bank Statement of one year
  7. Aadhar, Voter ID/passport or IT returns of Export Partner. 

AD Code Registration Process on Ice-Gate Portal for Export of Goods in Customs Port

Download the Requisite Files for Registration of Ice-Gate & AD Code
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NCode Signer
Registration Link

Overview - What is ICE-GATE?

Indian Customs Electronic Gateway (ICEGATE) is the name of the public portal operated by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC).  The customs office provides e-commerce services to importers, exporters, freight carriers, and other business partners via this website platform. This simplifies the customs agreement process and promotes EXIM business. Along with the website's services, ICEGATE offers information regarding exporter guidelines and import compliances. It offers a single window for the online submission of paperwork linked to commercial transactions as well as the payment of taxes and customs fees.

More efficient Customs clearance has been made possible by ICEGATE's internal connections to multiple partner agencies, including the RBI, banks, DGFT, Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics(DGCIS), the Ministry of Steel, the Directorate of Valuation, and other partner governmental organisations involved with EXIM trade. All electronic documents/messages handled by the ICEGATE are processed at the Customs level by the Indian Customs EDI System (ICES), which is operational at over 250 Customs ports.

For Indian importers and exporters, the tool is designed to speed up and ease the customs permission procedure. It makes it simple to track goods in actual time by offering a secure and effective location for electronic forms of bills of entry, cargo bills, and other customs-related documentation. Both Indian importers and exporters have to submit their customs documentation electronically with ICE-GATE.

What are the services offered by ICE-GATE?

Importers, exporters, freight carriers, and other business partners can electronically file documents with the Customs department. The ICE-GATE website allows the Customs department to allow exporters and importers in getting shipping bills, bills of entry, and other documents required for the import & export processes. Among the most important services provided are:

  • Electronic filing of the Bill of Entry (Import goods declaration)
  • IE code status
  • Shipping Bills (Export goods declaration)
  • e-Payment of Customs Import Duty
  • A free-of-cost web-based Common Signer utility for signing all the Customs  Documents
  • Facility to file online supporting documents through e Sanchit
  • End-to-end electronic IGST Refund etc.
  • 24X7 helpdesk facility
  • Document Tracking status at Customs EDI
  • Online verification of DEPB/DES/EPCG licenses
  • PAN-based CHA data
  • IGST Refund & DBK Status.
  • Filing of RoDTEP & RoSCTL

Advantages of ICEGATE Registration

The ICEGATE Portal allows for the computerised filing of both import and export confirmations from you. Using the Portal, Customs can reply to exporters and importers after reviewing shipping bills and bills of entry. The Customs Department has become more responsible after the implementation of ICEGATE. Additionally, it helped the government in reducing complaints from importers and exporters about delays in cargo delivery.

The following are a few of ICEGATE's important advantages: –

  • The service allows users to submit export and import declarations electronically.
  • After reviewing Bills of Entry and Shipping Bills, customs can respond to importers and exporters.
  • This allows importers and exporters to track and monitor the status of their online documentation.


MEIS Scheme
(Payment mode under Electronic Cash Ledger)

ICEGATE( Indian Customs Electronic Commerce / Electronic Data Interchange Gateway) is an e-commerce gate for Indian customs.

Types of ICEGATE Registrations

There are 2 types of registration modules i.e. simplified(old) & New version.

In the Simplified Registration Module, users can generate the shipping bill, and bill of entry and also can apply for AD code & IFSC registration. But they can not apply for an incentive scheme application like RoDTEP & RoSCTL. The simplified Registration Module in ICEGATE is designed to register at ICEGATE without the need to upload the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), PAN verification, document upload to ICEGATE, and approval procedure.

In the New Version of Registration, it is compulsory to use Class 3 DSC for Icegate Registration. Also, users can apply for all sorts of services i.e. shipping bill generation, bill of supply, incentive scheme application & can do the online payment of bill of entry. Therefore as the Simplified version is no longer available now we will explain the step-by-step process with screenshots of the new Icegate registration process. And also explain how you can migrate from old simplified registration to new icegate registration.

How To Register on Ice-Gate Portal?

Step 1 - Visit Home page of Icegate Portal

Visit the Icegate portal at and click on the “Login/sign Up” link.


(Home page of Icegate)

Step 2 - Click on the Old Website Option

Click on the “Old Website” given on the homepage to proceed with icegate registration.

(ICEGATE Registration Tab)

Step 3 - Click on User Login/Signup Option

After clicking on the old website, Click on the “User login/Signup” option on the Homepage of ICEGATE.


(Tab of User Login/Signup)

Step 4 - Click on the Sign Up Now option

To register on ICEGATE the applicant will have to click on the option of “Sign up now”

(Option of Sign up for ICEGATE Registration)

Step 5 - Select your ICEGATE ID / Availability of credentials

The applicant needs to provide his/her ICEGATE ID and email id. The id will be of the applicant’s choice. The ICEGATE id should be unique else the page will not accept it.

(Unique ICEGATE Id)

Step 6 - Enter IEC Number and click on Verify option

After clicking on check availability the next screen will appear to fill up the details as in the image below. Provide essential details and fill out the registration form.

(Verify the entered details for registration)

Step 7 - Select Custom Location and click on confirm button

Once all details are filled up in the form, click on Verify to check all IEC details which are mapped to IEC number as shown below:

(Select Name of Ports to register)

You have to select the location of the customs ports from the list. You may choose as many ports as you wish to add to your profile.

Step 8 - Fill up the details and attach the DSC.

Once clicked on the “confirm” tab, the page will go to the next step to fill in all the details like name, mobile number, aadhar no & documents. Mobile number and email id should be the same as DGFT registration. For this step, DSC should be connected to upload the documents.

(Enter required details)

Step 9 – Generation of OTP for authentication

The applicant will receive the OTP on the registered email id for authentication.

(Enter OTP to complete the process)

Step 10 - Enter a valid OTP to complete the registration

Applicant will receive the confirmation about the registration on his/her registered mail id stating that “your information has been received successfully & you will be intimated by email as soon as your registration approved by the competent authority”.

To get Final confirmation of approval of Icegate Registration please wait for confirmation from ICEGATE, which usually takes two to three working days.

A user ID and password for accessing your profile will be sent to your registered email address after your request has been accepted.

Step 11 - Check Status of Registration

Users can check the status of their submitted documents by logging into the ICEGATE website with their registered ID. To check the status of your registration follow the steps below:

i. Click on “ICEGATE Registration Verification”

(Icegate registration Verification)

ii. Enter “PAN No. & Image Letters” and click on submit to check the status of your ICEGATE registration.

(Enter Pan no to check the status of registration)

iii. If your registration is active then it will show the below link with details of “ICEGATE ID” & “Registered Since”

(status of icegate registration-Accepted)


iv. It will show the below image if the ICEGATE ID is not active with the definition of “No record found for this PAN number. User is not registered with ICEGATE”.

(status of icegate registration-Pending)

All About AD Code in Ice-Gate Portal

What is AD Code?

Authorised Dealer Code, or commonly known as AD code, is a 14-digit (sometimes 8 digits) numerical code a seller receives from the bank with which they have account for their international business. AD code is obtained after IEC code registration and is mandatory for export customs clearance. 

Why is AD Code Registration required?

AD Code Registration is a must for many reasons in carrying out export business. The significant reasons are as follows:- 

1. Exporters who want to export goods from India must register the AD Code.

2. A Shipping Bill is one of three documents that must be submitted for export customs clearance. Without an AD Code registration, you cannot produce a Shipping Bill on Icegate, Indian Customs' electronic data exchange platform. 

3. AD Code Registration allows you to transfer credit to the trader's current account directly.

4. Any Government advantages you want to avail of, for example, duty rebates and exemptions, GST (Goods and Services Tax) refunds, and so on, are credited straight to your current account if you have an AD Code registered with customs.

5. Registering or submitting the AD code in each & every port from where you want to export shipment is a mandatory requirement. 

6. When exporting goods, exporters must provide the IE Code as well as the AD Code.

7. Furthermore, while receiving money from Abroad, Banks can demand the AD code of the business/individual.

What is the significance of AD Code?

An AD code is necessary in the exports process primarily due to three reasons: 

  • For customs clearance, a shipping bill is required. Without the AD code, the shipping bill for your cargo cannot be generated. 
  • W.e.f August 03, 2018, commercial shipments up to value limit of INR 5,00,000 are  allowed through courier mode, using CSB-V, or Courier Shipping Bill-V. CSB-V cannot be generated without AD code registration. 
  • The AD Code also allows government benefits such as GST, refunds, duty rebates, as well as exemptions that are credited directly to the current bank account associated with your business. 

How to Apply for AD Code?

Exporters are required to register AD code with the airport or port from which they plan to ship their goods across borders. In case an exporter ships packages from more than one port, they must register an AD Code for each of the ports, irrespective of whether the ports are in the same states or different states. 

AD Code Registration Process for Customs

One can approach their business bank partner and write a request letter to apply for AD code. The Bank issues a letter to the Commissioner of Customs of the port involved, with the AD code in the Bank’s letterhead in DGFT prescribed format. After obtaining the AD code, register it with every port from where you want to export. 

Following are the steps to register AD Code on ICEGATE

  1. Log on to the ICEGATE Website. 
  2. Click on the left panel >> Bank Account Management. 
  3. Click on AD Code Registration on the Export Promotion Bank Account Management page. 
  4. Select AD Code Registration and then Submit for AD Code Bank Account Registration. 
  5. Fill required details – Bank Name, Port Location, AD Code, and upload documents as requested.
  6. Save all details once they’re feeded. A 6-digit OTP is sent to your registered mobile number and email id. 
  7. Bank Account Modification is then submitted to ICEGATE after the mobile number & email ID is verified. 
  8. Once ICEGATE approves the request, bank account details start showing on the AD code dashboard.

Benefits of AD Code Registration

There are multiple benefits of AD Code Registration which are listed below.

1. AD Code Registration will assist you in developing your business and reaching out to a broader market on a worldwide scale, allowing your company to flourish at a rapid pace.

2. Registering an AD Code is the one-time process. It means you won't have to submit any returns. Once the code is assigned to you, you will not be required to complete any more steps or return filing.

3. An AD Code is valid for as long as the entity survives. In other words, the AD Code has life-long validity. As a result, if you register for AD Code, you will never have to worry about renewing it.

4. Based on their AD Code registration, the companies may receive various incentives for their imports/exports from the DGFT, Export Promotion Council, Customs, and several other Government schemes.

How can we help in AD Code Registration?

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