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Trademark Class 41: Education, entertainment, sporting

Trademark Class 41

Education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities.

Class 41 covers mainly services rendered by persons or institutions in the development of the mental faculties of persons or animals, as well as services intended to entertain or to engage the attention. 

This Class includes, in particular: 

-services consisting of all forms of education of persons or training of animals; 

-services having the basic aim of the entertainment, amusement or recreation of people; 

-presentation of works of visual art or literature to the public for cultural or educational purposes.

410002 academies [education] 

410211 aikido instruction 

410003 amusement park services 

410084 providing amusement arcade services 

410005 animal training 

410212 rental of artwork 

410085 rental of audio equipment 

410082 organization of balls 

410077 arranging of beauty contests 

410075 boarding school education 

410078 booking of seats for shows 

410186 calligraphy services 

410042 providing casino facilities [gambling] 

410057 cinema presentations / movie theatre presentations 

410006 rental of cinematographic apparatus 

410043 club services [entertainment or education] 

410189 coaching [training] 

410044 arranging and conducting of colloquiums 

410010 organization of competitions [education or entertainment] 

410185 arranging and conducting of concerts 

410045 arranging and conducting of conferences 

410046 arranging and conducting of congresses 

410011 correspondence courses 

410215 organization of cosplay entertainment events 

410216 cultural, educational or entertainment services 

              provided by art galleries 

410191 disc jockey services 

410047 discotheque services 

410079 dubbing 

410049 educational examination 

410221 educational examination for users to qualify to pilot drones 

410199 educational services provided by schools 

410219 educational services provided by special needs assistants 

410092 electronic desktop publishing 

410007 entertainer services 

410004 entertainment services 

410051 organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes 

410230 face painting 

410188 organization of fashion shows for entertainment purposes 

410225 film directing, other than advertising films 

410217 film distribution 

410020 film production, other than advertising films 

410208 providing films, not downloadable, 

              via video-on-demand services 

410194 conducting fitness classes 

410052 gambling services 

410094 game services provided online from a computer network 

410198 games equipment rental 

410053 providing golf facilities 

410214 conducting guided climbing tours 

410206 conducting guided tours 

410021 gymnastic instruction 

410054 health club services [health and fitness training] 

410055 holiday camp services [entertainment] 

410203 arranging and conducting of in-person educational forums 

410213 rental of indoor aquaria 

410048 providing information in the field of education 

410050 providing information in the field of entertainment 

410064 providing information relating to recreational activities 

410220 judo instruction 

410095 karaoke services 

410218 know-how transfer [training] 

410192 language interpreter services 

410187 layout services, other than for advertising purposes 

410023 lending library services 

410224 lighting technician services for events 

410086 rental of lighting apparatus for theatrical sets or 

               television studios 

410081 organization of lotteries 

410182 microfilming 

410041 mobile library services / bookmobile services 

410036 modelling for artists 

410019 rental of motion pictures 

410008 movie studio services 

410062 providing museum facilities [presentation, exhibitions] 

410097 music composition services 

410196 production of music 

410103 news reporters services 

410098 nightclub services [entertainment] 

410058 nursery schools 

410091 online publication of electronic books and journals 

410099 providing online electronic publications, not downloadable 

410200 providing online music, not downloadable 

410201 providing online videos, not downloadable 

410028 orchestra services 

410060 party planning [entertainment] 

410193 personal trainer services [fitness training] 

410100 photographic reporting 

410101 photography 

410012 physical education 

410229 physical fitness assessment services for training purposes 

410061 practical training [demonstration] 

410009 presentation of circus performances 

410056 presentation of live performances 

410027 presentation of variety shows 

410024 publication of books 

410016 publication of texts, other than publicity texts 

410026 production of radio and television programmes 

410015 radio entertainment 

410025 rental of radio and television sets 

410063 recording studio services 

410014 providing recreation facilities 

410080 religious education 

410210 sado instruction [tea ceremony instruction] 

410205 screenplay writing 

410089 scriptwriting, other than for advertising purposes 

410070 arranging and conducting of seminars 

410013 rental of show scenery 

410083 organization of shows [impresario services] 

410030 production of shows 

410105 sign language interpretation 

410065 rental of skin diving equipment 

410204 songwriting 

410018 rental of sound recordings 

410222 sound engineering services for events 

410071 sport camp services 

410059 organization of sports competitions 

410035 providing sports facilities 

410066 rental of sports equipment, except vehicles 

410190 rental of sports grounds 

410067 rental of stadium facilities 

410032 rental of stage scenery 

410093 subtitling 

410072 arranging and conducting of symposiums 

410017 teaching / educational services / instruction services 

410209 providing television programmes, not downloadable,

              via video-on-demand services / providing television programs,

              not downloadable, via video-on-demand services 

410031 television entertainment 

410087 rental of tennis courts 

410029 theatre productions 

410183 ticket agency services [entertainment] 

410073 timing of sports events 

410197 toy rental 

410228 rental of training simulators 

410207 training services provided via simulators 

410104 translation 

410202 tutoring 

410227 providing user rankings for entertainment or cultural purposes/

              providing user ratings for entertainment or cultural purposes 

410226 providing user reviews for entertainment or cultural purposes 

410088 rental of video cameras / rental of camcorders 

410068 rental of video cassette recorders 

410223 video editing services for events 

410090 videotape editing 

410069 rental of videotapes 

410106 videotaping 

410102 vocational guidance [education or training advice] 

410195 vocational retraining 

410076 arranging and conducting of workshops [training] 

410184 writing of texts* 

410033 zoological garden services