Global Services from TAXAJ

We offer global services through our associates & branches all over the world. Here are few major global offerings:

Company Incorporation Outside India

For Indian businesses seeking expansion or having a non-resident Indian consumer demand, stand an excellent opportunity to reap the many benefits of USA company registration, one of the most popular ways of starting a business.

Company in U.S.A

USA Company registration is now easy as there is no need to travel to the USA or physically be present in the USA. As the process can be commenced and completed online in less than a week through TAXAJ.

Company in U.K

Register your company in the UK, with a strong Central London business address and begin with the strongest foundation for success. We offer easy, reliable international business registrations for non-UK residents.

Foreign Inward Remittance Taxability in India

Global Filing Services


Form FC-GPR is issued by the RBI when the company receives foreign investment. Accordingly, the company will issue shares to a foreign investor on such investment. Also, it is mandatory for the company to file details of such allotment of shares using the Form FC-GPR.


This form is filed in case of transfer of shares of an Indian Company from a resident to a Non-Resident/Non-Resident Indian and vice versa through its authorised dealer bank (AD Category-1 Bank)

Form 15 CA

Payments made by a resident Indian to any non-resident has to be reported under the Income Tax Act. The idea behind the tax deduction at source & its reporting is to ensure collection of taxes on time. Form 15CA is a declaration stating that he has deducted the tax from payments so made to the non-resident.

Form 15 CB

This Form 15CB, is a certificate issued by a Chartered Accountant that ensures the provisions of the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement and the Income Tax Act have been complied with in respect of tax deductions while making the payments.

DTAA  Services

A DTAA simply mitigates double imposition of tax when there is a cross national flow of income and ensures tax neutrality. The agreement between the negotiating countries provides specific guidelines on how the income generated in one country and transferred to another is to be taxed by the source and resident country.

ISO Certification

ISO certificate is one of the ways that provide standards to the organisations and thus lead the way to innovation and development of trade. We, at TAXAJ, give the client every ISO, including some of the significant ISOs like ISO 9001, ISO 1400z, OHSAS 18001, ISO 20000, ISO 50001, etc.

Sedex Certification

Using SEDEX enables businesses to work together to better manage their social and environmental performance and improve working conditions throughout the supply chain.

LMPC Certification

If you are importing goods, especially pre-packaged commodities or in India, then you must take LMPC Registration Certificate before importing. It's specified under rule 27 of Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity rules of the Department of Consumer Affairs.

RCMC Certification

The RCMC is granted by any of the three bodies of Foreign Trade Policy i.e. an Export Promotion Council (EPC)/ Development Authority/ Commodity Board  or any other competent authority. 

Bar Code Certification

Barcodes are machine-readable symbols in the form of numbers and parallel lines used universally to identify and track products & play a key role in supply chains and transport providers to easily identify and track products as they move through the supply chain