Company Registration in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the export hub for the South Asia, this country has an immense trade network with all the countries in the world. Opening a company in Hong Kong opens up diverse opportunities for the new investors and established entrepreneurs.

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Get your company registered in the fastest possible manner in Hong Kong.

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It normally takes us 20-30 business days to get everything done for you.

Services Covered
Who Should Buy
How It's Done
Documents Required
Services Covered

  • Advice on company incorporation procedure in Hong Kong
  • Name approval with the competent authority in Hong Kong
  • Drafting and notarizing required documents for a hassle-free experience.
  • Assistance in opening a bank account for your company in Hong Kong.
  • Guidance on post-registration compliance related to company registration in Hong Kong.
Who Should Buy

  • Businesses looking to expand or scale operations on higher level
How It's Done

  1. Name approval form filing

  2. Preparation of Incorporation Documents

  3. Getting those docs signed by the respective stakeholders

  4. Filing of e-Forms

  5. Receipt of Incorporation Certificate.

Documents Required
  1. Passport Copies of each desired officeholder
  2. Photo Identity Proof of the officeholders
  3. Utility Bills not older than three months
  4. Specimen Signatures of all the officeholders 
  5. Business name for your company

Overview of Company Incorporation in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the Asian Tiger counties which has developed its economy radically within the competitive Asian market, including countries like China and Japan. Hong Kong is a city in the South Chinese Sea with an immense capacity for trade and business. This city offers reduced tax rates and colossal consumer markets due to an inflated Export structure, the USP of tiger nations.

Why should you register your Company in Hong Kong?

Incorporating your company in Hong Kong provides an entrance to the Asian markets to foreign investors. It is a country that has developed rapidly over the years and has been recognized as 'Tiger Economy' collectively for the group named "Asian Tigers."

Other reasons are:-

  • Export Oriented market, 
  • Stable and Growing economy, 
  • Access to multiple foreign markets,
  • Facilitates penetration to the biggest Consumer Market in the world (Asia).

Prerequisites for Incorporating a Company

  1. Resident Director: There is no need for a resident director to incorporate your company in Hong Kong. Fully foreign-owned entities are eligible to apply for incorporation.
  2. Demographics: It is crucial to understand the demographical data of the area where you are planning to do your business. It is essential to know about the social, economic, and cultural trends to ascertain whether the product/ service created would cater to the local population accurately or n.
  3. Supply Chain Management: An essential aspect before starting your business is to ascertain the supply chain requirement of your business. Supply chain requirements differ according to every business. Hence it's vital for the officeholders to realize the supply chain of the local area and plan accordingly before setting up a company.
  4. Local competition: Another important consideration is the regional competition of the area. The market is regulated by its competitiveness, and monopoly is very far-fetched for newly established businesses. So there is a need to analyze local competitions that the company might face during its operations in that area.
  5. Overhead costs: Calculating the average overhead costs is necessary before starting a business; overhead costs differ according to different areas in a country. This factor is essential, and the officeholders should try to keep this to the minimum possible value before starting a business.
  6. Local laws, regulations, and Tariffs: Every new business looking to start its operations in an area must comply with all the norms, rules, or regulations set by the competent authority in that area. The company should pay the taxes and tariffs on time as prescribed by the relevant authority. It is also vital for the officeholders to pre-analyze these factors before starting operations.
  7. Quality considerations: Maintaining quality is very important for any business. Quality is not only limited to the product or service created by the business but also implies the quality of work, life, and other essential aspects for employees for healthy operations of the business.

Name and Nature of the Business

Naming your Company 

A trade name has to be provided for starting the incorporation procedure. The name provided must be unique so that it doesn't cause any confusion amongst the general public and authorities.

Nature of business

The major establishments that can be incorporated in Hong Kong are as follows;

Private Limited companies: Only one director is required to open a private limited company. A private limited company can be of three types.

  1. Limited by shares: In these organizations, the liability of the partners is limited to the extent of shares they have invested in the company.
  2. Limited by Guarantee: In these organizations, the liability of partners is limited to the amount they have guaranteed in the agreement for investment as share capital.
  3. Private Unlimited liability: As the name suggests, an organization in which the owners' liability is unlimited, which means that the business's debts can be settled with the personal wealth of the officeholders.

There can be a maximum of 50 members in a private limited company in Hong Kong.

Public Limited Companies: These entities have a similar setup to a private company. The primary difference is that a public company can trade shares with the public by listing their company on the stock exchange. Public Limited in Hong Kong can have more than 50 shareholders; it is a desired legal structure for large businesses. There is a need minimum of 2 directors for starting a public limited company in Hong Kong. One of them can be the company secretary of the company.

Partnerships: A partnership is an arrangement where two or more people come together to run a business. The partnerships are generally registered with the help of a partnership deed in which the rights and liabilities of partners are mentioned. In Hong Kong, partnership agreements are categorized as General or Limited partnerships on the basis of the liabilities of partners in the agreement.

Benefits of Company Incorporation in Hong Kong

The benefits are as follows:

  • Digital and cost-efficient process;
  • Export Oriented Market;
  • Good corporate environment;
  • Availability of skilled labor;
  • Ease of doing business;
  • Fast-growing economy;
  • Access to the world's biggest consumer market.

Process for Company Incorporation in Hong Kong

The process is as follows:

  1. Choose the name of business and approval from the competent authority 
  2. KYC details of proposed shareholders and directors
  3. Filing of forms and other documents
  4. Online Application submission
  5. Incorporation Certificate
  6. Bank Account opening
  7. Other tax registrations

Other Important Instruments/Service Inclusions

  1. Articles of Association: These are the model bye-laws adopted by every company to start operations in Hong Kong. AOA consists of the bye-laws governing the internal regulations of the company, thee determining the factors like working hours, leave policy, and establishment related regulations of the company
  2. Physical/ Virtual Address: For incorporating your company in Hong Kong, you must obtain a registered address in the company's name. All the essential communication related to the business operations should be sent to this address.
  3. Bank account: It is advised to open a bank account of the company after receiving the company's certificate of incorporation.  
  4. Building a Website and Logo: For marketing the company digitally, it is advised that a business create a website and logo in the company's name. A logo adds distinctive ownership to the business's product and markets the product to the global audience. A website is appropriate for making the company available to prospective customers over the web.
  5. Registered Phone number: It is essential for every company to have a phone number registered with the competent authority to receive critical information and communications. This phone should be open for receiving calls at least during the company's business hours.