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Taxation & Regulatory Compliances for a Business in India

A business registered & running in India has to comply & adhere to various central & state regulated compliances, irrespective of their constitution. This can be difficult for normal business man to take care of the same along with focusing on expansion or strategize the business growth, hence we at TAXAJ share that responsibility & help you to focus on your core-business areas and leave us with all the taxation & related worries, because we are The Financial Doctors !

EPF-ESI Compliance - TAXAJ

EPF-ESI Compliances

Employees Provident Fund is a means to help employees get a financial cushion when they grow old. Contribution to the fund is also a tax saving option for people working in government department, public or private sector. During the working life both employer and the employee contribute to the fund on monthly basis which can be used later on retirement. It is mandatory for all entities to get registered with Provident Fund Department within a month as the employees count reaches 20. Any delay may result in a penalty.

Payment & Return of EPF  & ESI is to be filed by 15th & 21st of each month respectively to avoid any legal penalties.

Team TAXAJ can help you comply to the same as well.

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TDS Filing & Compliances

TDS, or Tax Deducted at Source, is a type of tax levied by the Indian government wherein taxes are collected on the basis of 'pay as you get'. The taxes are deducted at the source of payments such as salary paid to an employee or other payments like commission earned by a broker.

The taxes are deducted by the employer before making the payment to employee and is deposited with the govt. The employer later issue form 16 to its employees and form 16B to other deductees which serves as a proof of tax payment in their hands.

Form 26Q is required to be submitted for TDS details on all payments other than salary on a quarterly basis by the deductor. Form 26Q is applicable for TDS deducted under section 200(3) of the Income Tax Act for TDS under sections 193 & 194 being interest on securities, Dividend securities, professional fees, directors' remuneration etc.

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TDS Filing - TAXAJ
Cleaning of Books - TAXAJ

Cleaning of Books

Often companies found themselves in a situation where their book-keeping is either not up to date or even if it is, its flawed. Majority of the cases that we come across in our daily life has faulty/incomplete records entered. This leads to a situation of conflict with vendors & customers, incorrect assessments etc.

We take up such assignments & deep dive into the books & transactions to clean the book-keeping history. Ours years of work into the auditing has given us the niche vision to chuck out the needle in the lawn.

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Finalisation of Accounts

It's all about you and your presentation skills that matters; even on the balance sheet.

In a challenging economy, managers have to be more thoughtful and strategic than ever about managing their organisational performance. Charting your course to success requires smart decision making and critical planning today. We critically analyse previous year’s balance sheets, thoroughly go through the existing balance sheets and after the critical examination we try to make the Balance Sheets presentable So that they can be further processed and funds can be easily raised. At TAXAJ you'll get the essential advice you need to keep your company performance on track in tough times and beyond that to bring today's managers and professionals the fundamental information they need to stay competitive in a fast-moving world.

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Finalisation of Books - TAXAJ

Business Process Re-Engineering

A common problem companies which scale up fast is lack of business processes and controls to streamline operations. We do detailed studies and help clients

  • Identify process gaps
  • Define process in detail
  • Define roles & responsibilities
  • Fixing operational timelines
  • Advice & implement best practices in Finance & Accounts
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