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Trademark Class 6: Metals & alloys

Common metals and their alloys, ores; metal materials for building and construction; transportable buildings of metal; non-electric cables and wires of common metal; small items of metal hardware; metal containers for storage or transport; safes.

Class 6 includes mainly unwrought and partly wrought common metals, including ores, as well as certain goods made of common metals. 

This Class includes, in particular: 

-metals in foil or powder form for further processing, for example, for 3D printers; 

    for example, for 3D printers; for example, for 3D printers; 

-metal building materials, 

    for example, materials of metal for railway tracks, pipes and tubes of metal; 

-small items of metal hardware, 

    for example, bolts, screws, nails, furniture casters, window fasteners; 

-transportable buildings or structures of metal, 

    for example, prefabricated houses, swimming pools, cages for wild animals, skating rinks; 

-certain goods made of common metals not otherwise classified by function or purpose, 

    for example, all-purpose boxes of common metal, statues, 

    busts and works of art of common metal. 

This Class does not include, in particular: 

-metals and ores used as chemicals in industry or scientific research for their chemical properties, 

    for example, bauxite, mercury, antimony, alkaline and alkaline-earth metals (Class 1); 

-metals in foil and powder form for use in painting, decorating, printing and art (Class 2); 

-electric cables (Class 9) and non-electric cables and ropes, not of metal (Class 22); 

-pipes being parts of sanitary installations (Class 11), 

    flexible pipes, tubes and hoses, not of metal (Class 17and rigid pipes, not of metal (Class 19); 

-cages for household pets (Class 21); 

-certain goods made of common metals that are classified according to their function or purpose, 

    for example, hand tools, hand-operated (Class 8), paper clips (Class 16), furniture (Class 20), 

    kitchen utensils (Class 21), household containers (Class 21).

060482 accordion doors of metal 

060485 acoustic panels of metal 

060411 advertisement columns of metal 

060269 alloys of common metal 

060017 aluminium 

060270 aluminium foil* 

060019 aluminium wire 

060020 anchor plates / tie plates 

060273 anchors* 

060345 angle irons of metal 

060027 anti-friction metal 

060097 anvils 

060248 anvils [portable] 

060436 arbours [structures] of metal 

060047 armour-plating of metal / armor-plating of metal 

060450 armoured doors of metal / armored doors of metal 

060263 aviaries [structures] of metal 

060155 badges of metal for vehicles 

060463 bag hangers of metal 

060265 balls of steel 

060457 balustrades of metal 

060285 bands of metal for tying-up purposes/

              wrapping or binding bands of metal 

060041 barbed wire 

060288 barrel hoops of metal 

060287 barrels of metal 

060042 bars for metal railings 

060199 baskets of metal 

060451 bathtub grab bars of metal 

060282 beacons of metal, non-luminous 

060045 beak-irons / bick-irons 

060224 beams of metal / girders of metal 

060166 bed casters of metal 

060240 bells for animals 

060241 bells* 

060101 belt stretchers of metal 

060012 machine belt fasteners of metal 

060043 beryllium [glucinium] / glucinium [beryllium] 

060293 bicycle parking installations of metal 

060314 binding screws of metal for cables 

060319 binding thread of metal for agricultural purposes 

060363 bindings of metal 

060280 bird baths [structures] of metal 

060168 blooms [metallurgy] 

060049 bolts of metal 

060247 bolts, flat 

060299 bottle caps of metal 

060300 bottle closures of metal / bottle fasteners of metal 

060050 bottles [metal containers] for compressed gas or liquid air 

060048 box fasteners of metal 

060295 boxes of common metal 

060026 braces of metal for handling loads/

              braces of metal for load handling/

              harness of metal for handling loads/

              harness of metal for load handling 

060123 brackets of metal for building 

060464 brackets of metal for furniture 

060366 branching pipes of metal 

060157 brass, unwrought or semi-wrought 

060053 brazing alloys 

060460 bright steel bars 

060018 bronze 

060056 bronzes [works of art] 

060055 bronzes for tombstones / monuments of bronze for tombs 

060298 buckles of common metal [hardware] 

060291 building materials of metal 

060381 building panels of metal 

060339 buildings of metal 

060170 buildings, transportable, of metal 

060323 burial vaults of metal 

060307 busts of common metal 

060308 cabanas of metal 

060059 cable joints of metal, non-electric/

              cable linkages of metal, non-electric 

060311 cables of metal, non-electric 

060061 cadmium 

060433 metal cages for wild animals 

060260 casement windows of metal 

060029 cashboxes [metal or non-metal] 

060337 casings of metal for oilwells 

060391 cask stands of metal 

060289 casks of metal 

060133 cast iron, unwrought or semi-wrought 

060005 cast steel 

060044 cattle chains 

060209 ceilings of metal 

060067 celtium [hafnium] / hafnium [celtium] 

060401 cermets 

060068 chains of metal* 

060095 check rails of metal for railways/

              guard rails of metal for railways 

060398 chests of metal / bins of metal 

060425 chicken-houses of metal 

060096 chill-moulds [foundry] / chill-molds [foundry] 

060318 chimney cowls of metal 

060331 chimney pots of metal 

060414 chimney shafts of metal 

060413 chimneys of metal 

060080 chrome iron 

060081 chrome ores 

060079 chromium 

060458 cladding of metal for building 

060313 clips of metal for cables and pipes 

060469 clips of metal for sealing bags 

060395 closures of metal for containers 

060202 clothes hooks of metal 

060088 cobalt, raw 

060312 collars of metal for fastening pipes 

060182 common metals, unwrought or semi-wrought 

060094 containers of metal [storage, transport] 

060112 containers of metal for compressed gas or liquid air 

060338 containers of metal for liquid fuel 

060065 containers of metal for storing acids 

060110 copper rings 

060353 copper wire, not insulated 

060109 copper, unwrought or semi-wrought 

060343 cornices of metal 

060082 cotter pins of metal 

060073 couplings of metal for chains 

060149 crampons [climbing irons] 

060102 cramps of metal [crampons] / crampons of metal [cramps] 060397 crash barriers of metal for roads 

060477 crucifixes of common metal, other than jewellery/

              crucifixes of common metal, other than jewelry 

060452 dispensers for dog waste bags, fixed, of metal 

060215 diving boards of metal 

060121 door bells of metal, non-electric 

060220 door bolts of metal 

060135 door closers of metal, non-electric/

              door springs of metal, non-electric 

060455 door fasteners of metal 

060394 door fittings of metal 

060329 door frames of metal / door casings of metal 

060216 door handles of metal 

060180 door knockers of metal 

060320 door openers of metal, non-electric 

060219 door panels of metal 

060113 door scrapers 

060036 door stops of metal 

060100 doors of metal* 

060114 drain pipes of metal 

060335 drain traps [valves] of metal 

060462 drawn and polished metal bars 

060317 duckboards of metal 

060415 ducts of metal for ventilating and air-conditioning installations 060076 ducts of metal, for central heating installations/

              ducts and pipes of metal for central heating installations/

              pipes of metal, for central heating installations 

060099 elbows of metal for pipes 

060367 enclosures of metal for tombs 

060143 eye bolts / screw rings 

060368 fences of metal 

060262 ferrules of metal 

060172 ferrules of metal for handles 

060064 ferrules of metal for walking sticks 

060382 figurines of common metal / statuettes of common metal 060161 filings of metal 

060431 firedogs [andirons] 

060483 fireplace grates of metal 

060475 fireplace mantles of metal 

060116 fish plates [rails] 

060393 fittings of metal for beds 

060140 fittings of metal for building 

060324 fittings of metal for coffins 

060267 fittings of metal for compressed air lines 

060380 fittings of metal for furniture

060130 fittings of metal for windows 

060468 flagpoles [structures] of metal 

060054 flanges of metal [collars] 

060195 flashing of metal for building 

060340 floating containers of metal 

060272 floating docks of metal, for mooring boats 

060040 floor tiles of metal 

060210 floors of metal 

060416 foils of metal for wrapping and packaging 

060473 folding doors of metal 

060384 foundry moulds of metal / foundry molds of metal 

060074 frames of metal for building 

060328 framework of metal for building 

060330 materials of metal for funicular railway permanent ways 060390 furnace fireguards of metal 

060187 furniture casters of metal 

060145 galena [ore] 

060218 gates of metal 

060147 germanium 

060417 gold solder 

060152 gratings of metal / grilles of metal 

060385 grave slabs of metal / tomb slabs of metal 

060151 grease nipples 

060316 greenhouse frames of metal 

060236 greenhouses of metal, transportable 

060356 gutter pipes of metal 

060480 hand-held flagpoles of metal 

060181 handcuffs 

060175 handling pallets of metal 

060327 hinges of metal 

060105 hooks [metal hardware] 

060352 hooks of metal for clothes rails 

060351 hooks of metal for roofing slates 

060418 hoppers of metal, non-mechanical 

060077 horseshoe nails 

060459 hot-rolled steel bars 

060196 house numbers of metal, non-luminous 

060150 ice moulds of metal 

060051 identification bracelets of metal 

060154 indium 

060164 ingots of common metal 

060428 insect screens of metal 

060134 iron ores 

060052 iron slabs 

060131 iron strip / hoop iron 

060132 iron wire 

060115 iron, unwrought or semi-wrought 

060227 ironmongery* / hardware* of metal, small 

060347 ironwork for doors 

060106 ironwork for windows 

060156 jalousies of metal 

060466 jerrycans of metal 

060021 jets of metal 

060225 joists of metal 

060229 junctions of metal for pipes 

060083 keys of metal 

060301 knobs of metal 

060465 labels of metal 

060361 ladders of metal 

060022 latch bars of metal 

060167 latches of metal 

060160 laths of metal 

060256 latticework of metal / trellis of metal 

060146 lead seals 

060214 lead, unwrought or semi-wrought 

060120 letter boxes of metal 

060419 letters and numerals of common metal, except type 

060163 limonite 

060211 linings of metal for building 

060165 lintels of metal 

060326 loading gauge rods of metal for railway wagons 

060325 loading pallets of metal 

060204 lock bolts 

060379 locks of metal for bags 

060237 locks of metal for vehicles 

060144 locks of metal, other than electric 

060169 magnesium 

060174 manganese 

060349 manhole covers of metal 

060420 manifolds of metal for pipelines 

060023 masts of metal 

060389 memorial plates of metal / memorial plaques of metal 

060453 metals in foil or powder form for 3D printers 

060434 metals in powder form* 

060362 mobile boarding stairs of metal for passengers 

060189 molybdenum 

060136 molybdenum iron 

060190 monuments of metal 

060386 monuments of metal for tombs 

060271 mooring bollards of metal 

060412 mooring buoys of metal 

060474 mouldings of metal for building/

              moldings of metal for building 

060344 mouldings of metal for cornices/

              moldings of metal for cornices 

060085 nails 

060399 nameplates of metal / identity plates of metal 

060193 nickel 

060016 nickel silver / German silver 

060194 niobium 

060014 nozzles of metal 

060364 nuts of metal 

060479 oil drainage containers of metal 

060183 ores of metal 

060158 outdoor blinds of metal 

060231 packaging containers of metal 

060062 padlocks of metal, other than electronic 

060310 paint spraying booths of metal/

              booths of metal for spraying paint 

060198 palings of metal 

060456 pantiles of metal 

060336 partitions of metal 

060294 paving blocks of metal 

060446 paving slabs of metal 

060461 peeled metal bars 

060078 pegs of metal 

060421 penstock pipes of metal 

060438 pigsties of metal 

060090 pillars of metal for building 

060141 pins [hardware] 

060173 pipe muffs of metal 

060127 pipes of metal / tubes of metal 

060258 pipework of metal 

060430 pitons of metal 

060226 platforms, prefabricated, of metal 

060296 plugs of metal / bungs of metal 

060024 poles of metal 

060179 porches [structures] of metal 

060205 posts of metal 

060365 posts of metal for power lines / poles of metal for power lines 

060103 pot hooks of metal 

060439 prefabricated houses [kits] of metal 

060093 preserving boxes of metal / preserve tins / tin cans 

060372 props of metal 

060207 pulleys of metal, other than for machines 

060185 pyrophoric metals 

060129 rails of metal 

060089 railway material of metal 

060013 railway points / railway switches 

060245 railway sleepers of metal / railroad ties of metal 

060476 metal ramps for use with vehicles 

060357 reels of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses 

060435 refractory construction materials of metal 

060400 registration plates of metal / numberplates of metal 

060276 reinforcing materials of metal for building 

060277 reinforcing materials of metal for machine belts 

060275 reinforcing materials of metal for pipes 

060033 reinforcing materials, of metal, for concrete 

060038 rings of metal* / stop collars of metal* 

060217 rivets of metal 

060228 road signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal 

060159 rocket launching platforms of metal 

060302 rods of metal for brazing 

060303 rods of metal for brazing and welding 

060304 rods of metal for welding 

060009 roller blinds of steel 

060350 roof coverings of metal 

060098 roof flashing of metal 

060332 roof gutters of metal 

060252 roofing of metal 

060449 roofing of metal, incorporating photovoltaic cells 

060213 roofing tiles of metal 

060058 rope thimbles of metal 

060341 ropes of metal 

060348 runners of metal for sliding doors 

060034 safes [metal or non-metal] / strongboxes [metal or non-metal] 

060472 safes, electronic 

060066 safety cashboxes 

060071 safety chains of metal 

060454 sash fasteners of metal for windows 

060360 scaffolding of metal 

060442 screw tops of metal for bottles 

060118 screws of metal 

060297 sealing caps of metal 

060396 sheaf binders of metal 

060188 sheet piles of metal / pilings of metal 

060376 sheets and plates of metal 

060063 shims 

060471 shoe dowels of metal 

060470 shoe pegs of metal 

060292 shuttering of metal for concrete 

060197 shutters of metal 

060200 signalling panels, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal 

060370 signboards of metal 

060235 signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal 

060137 silicon iron 

060233 sills of metal 

060239 silos of metal 

060030 silver solder 

060032 silver-plated tin alloys 

060203 skating rinks [structures] of metal 

060447 slabs of metal for building 

060092 sleeves [metal hardware] 

060306 slings of metal for handling loads 

060242 soldering wire of metal 

060484 soundproof booths of metal, transportable 

060221 split rings of common metal for keys 

060153 spring locks 

060206 springs [metal hardware] 

060122 spurs 

060437 stables of metal 

060355 stair treads [steps] of metal 

060124 staircases of metal 

060467 stakes of metal for plants or trees 

060244 statues of common metal 

060002 steel alloys 

060266 steel buildings 

060006 steel masts 

060011 steel pipes / steel tubes 

060010 steel sheets 

060003 steel strip / hoop steel 

060004 steel wire 

060001 steel, unwrought or semi-wrought 

060448 step stools of metal 

060177 steps [ladders] of metal 

060481 stoppers of metal 

060238 stops of metal 

060039 strap-hinges of metal 

060305 straps of metal for handling loads/

              belts of metal for handling loads 

060441 street gutters of metal 

060284 stretchers for iron bands [tension links] 

060383 stretchers for metal bands [tension links] 

060162 stringers [parts of staircases] of metal 

060290 swimming pools [structures] of metal 

060478 swing doors of metal 

060086 tacks [nails] / brads 

060232 tanks of metal / reservoirs of metal 

060246 tantalum [metal] 

060402 taps of metal for casks / faucets of metal for casks 

060222 telegraph posts of metal 

060422 telephone booths of metal / telephone boxes of metal 

060057 telpher cables 

060249 tension links 

060208 tent pegs of metal 

060286 thread of metal for tying-up purposes 

060322 tile floorings of metal 

060321 tiles of metal for building 

060373 tin 

060375 tinfoil 

060374 tinplate 

060119 tinplate packings 

060251 titanium 

060138 titanium iron / ferrotitanium 

060253 tombac 

060254 tombs of metal 

060387 tombstone plaques of metal 

060388 tombstone stelae of metal 

060423 tool boxes of metal, empty 

060424 tool chests of metal, empty 

060358 towel dispensers, fixed, of metal 

060176 transport pallets of metal 

060025 traps for wild animals* 

060440 trays of metal* 

060028 tree protectors of metal 

060279 troughs of metal for mixing mortar 

060111 tubbing of metal 

060257 tungsten 

060139 tungsten iron 

060255 turnstiles of metal 

060212 turntables [railways] 

060243 valves of metal, other than parts of machines 

060259 vanadium 

060354 vats of metal 

060191 vice claws of metal 

060274 wainscotting of metal 

060192 wall claddings of metal for building 

060201 wall linings of metal for building 

060087 wall plugs of metal 

060445 wall tiles of metal 

060037 washers of metal 

060359 water-pipe valves of metal 

060091 water-pipes of metal 

060148 weather- or wind-vanes of metal/

              weather vanes of metal / wind vanes of metal 

060426 wheel clamps [boots] 

060046 white metal 

060432 wind-driven bird-repelling devices made of metal 

060369 winding spools of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses 

060104 window casement bolts 

060444 window closers of metal, non-electric 

060125 window fasteners of metal 

060315 window frames of metal 

060443 window openers of metal, non-electric 

060075 window pulleys of metal / sash pulleys of metal 

060035 window stops of metal 

060346 windows of metal 

060184 wire cloth / wire gauze 

060108 wire of common metal 

060268 wire of common metal alloys, except fuse wire 

060427 wire rope 

060230 wire stretchers [tension links] 

060278 works of art of common metal 

060223 zinc 

060264 zirconium