Trademark Class 19: Building & construction materials

Materials, not of metal, for building and construction; rigid pipes, not of metal, for building; asphalt, pitch, tar and bitumen; transportable buildings, not of metal; monuments, not of metal.

Class 19 includes mainly materials, not of metal, for building and construction. 

This Class includes, in particular: 

-semi-worked woods for use in building, for example, beams, planks, panels; 

-wood veneers; 

-building glass, for example, glass tiles, insulating glass for building, safety glass; 

-glass granules for marking out roads; 

-granite, marble, gravel; 

-terra-cotta for use as a building material; 

-roofing, not of metal, incorporating photovoltaic cells; 

-gravestones and tombs, not of metal; 

-statues, busts and works of art of stone, concrete or marble; 

-letter boxes of masonry; 

-geotextiles; -coatings being building materials; 

-scaffolding, not of metal; 

-transportable buildings or structures, not of metal, for example, aquaria, aviaries, flagpoles, porches, swimming pools. 

This Class does not include, in particular: 

-cement preservatives, cement-waterproofing preparations (Class 1); 

-fireproofing preparations (Class 1); 

-wood preservatives (Class 2); 

-oils for releasing form work for building (Class 4); 

-letter boxes of metal (Class 6

    and not of metal or masonry (Class 20); 

-statues, busts and works of art of common metal (Class 6), 

    of precious metal (Class 14), 

    of wood, wax, plaster or plastic (Class 20), 

    of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass (Class 21); 

-certain pipes, not of metal, not for building, 

    for example, pipes being parts of sanitary installations (Class 11), 

    flexible pipes, tubes and hoses, not of metal (Class 17); 

-substances for insulating buildings against moisture (Class 17); 

-glass for vehicle windows (semi-finished product) (Class 21); 

-birdcages (Class 21); 

-mats and matting, linoleum and other materials for covering existing floors (Class 27); 

-unsawn or undressed timber (Class 31).

190264 accordion doors, not of metal 

190266 acoustic panels, not of metal 

190001 advertisement columns, not of metal 

190231 agglomerated bagasses of cane [building material] 

190111 agglomerated cork for building 

190003 alabaster 

190002 alabaster glass 

190067 angle irons, not of metal 

190190 aquaria [structures] 

190233 aquarium gravel 

190234 aquarium sand 

190175 arbours [structures], not of metal 

190261 armour-plating, not of metal / armor-plating, not of metal 

190254 armoured doors, not of metal / armored doors, not of metal 

190142 artificial stone 

190004 asbestos cement 

190005 asbestos mortar 

190013 asphalt 

190014 asphalt paving 

190184 aviaries [structures], not of metal 

190016 balustrades, not of metal 

190195 beacons, not of metal, non-luminous 

190083 beams, not of metal / girders, not of metal 

190199 bicycle parking installations, not of metal 

190040 binding agents for making briquettes /

              binding agents for making stones 

190110 binding material for road repair 

190194 bird baths [structures], not of metal 

190017 bitumen 

190046 bitumen paper for building 

190082 bituminous coatings for roofing 

190025 bituminous products for building 

190257 brackets, not of metal, for building 

190080 branching pipes, not of metal 

190038 bricks 

190063 building glass 

190197 building materials, not of metal /

              construction materials, not of metal 

190223 building panels, not of metal 

190062 building paper 

190141 building stone 

190027 building timber / lumber 

190061 buildings, not of metal 

190119 buildings, transportable, not of metal 

190215 burial vaults, not of metal 

190202 busts of stone, concrete or marble 

190203 cabanas, not of metal 

190042 caissons for construction work under water 

190211 calcareous marl 

190179 casement windows, not of metal 

190125 cask wood / stave wood 

190148 ceilings, not of metal 

190093 cement for blast furnaces 

190092 cement for furnaces 

190058 cement posts 

190057 cement slabs 

190036 cement* 

190072 raw chalk 

190156 chicken-houses, not of metal 

190212 chimney cowls, not of metal 

190216 chimney pots, not of metal 

190218 chimney shafts, not of metal 

190055 chimneys, not of metal 

190258 cladding, not of metal, for building 

190096 clay* 

190105 clinker ballast 

190097 coal tar 

190051 materials for making and coating roads 

190129 coatings [building materials] 

190023 concrete 

190024 concrete building elements 

190064 cornices, not of metal 

190227 crash barriers, not of metal, for roads 

190152 diving boards, not of metal 

190209 door frames, not of metal / door casings, not of metal 

190154 door panels, not of metal 

190069 doors, not of metal* 

190220 drain pipes, not of metal 

190221 drain traps [valves], not of metal or plastic 

190241 duckboards, not of metal 

190235 ducts, not of metal, for ventilating and air-conditioning installations 

190039 earth for bricks 

190255 enamelled glass, for building 

190020 fair huts 

190090 felt for building 

190135 fences, not of metal 

190224 figurines of stone, concrete or marble /

              statuettes of stone, concrete or marble 

190012 firebricks / refractory bricks 

190048 fireclay / grog [fired refractory material] 

190049 fireplace mantles, not of metal 

190056 fireproof cement coatings 

190262 flagpoles [structures], not of metal 

190131 flashing, not of metal, for building 

190188 floating docks, not of metal, for mooring boats 

190214 floor tiles, not of metal 

190147 floors, not of metal 

190022 folding doors, not of metal 

190091 foundry moulds, not of metal / foundry molds, not of metal 

190050 framework, not of metal, for building 

190015 furrings of wood 

190153 gates, not of metal 

190236 geotextiles 

190121 glass granules for road marking /

              glass granules for marking out roads 

190098 granite 

190088 grave slabs, not of metal / tomb slabs, not of metal 

190099 gravel 

190144 gravestones / tombstones 

190210 greenhouse frames, not of metal /

              horticultural frames, not of metal 

190167 greenhouses, transportable, not of metal 

190075 gutter pipes, not of metal 

190102 gypsum [building material] 

190009 hips for roofing 

190019 huts 

190239 insect screens, not of metal 

190180 insulating glass for building 

190103 jalousies, not of metal 

190157 joists, not of metal 

190109 laths, not of metal 

190177 latticework, not of metal / trellises, not of metal 

190217 lengthening pieces, not of metal, for chimneys 

190228 letter boxes of masonry 

190052 lime 

190043 limestone / calcareous stone 

190150 linings, not of metal, for building 

190114 lintels, not of metal 

190116 macadam 

190118 magnesia cement 

190070 manhole covers, not of metal 

190029 manufactured timber 

190120 marble 

190124 masts [poles], not of metal 

190089 memorial plaques, not of metal 

190117 monuments, not of metal 

190187 mooring bollards, not of metal 

190053 mortar for building / grout 

190126 mosaics for building 

190127 mouldable wood / moldable wood 

190128 mouldings, not of metal, for building /

           moldings, not of metal, for building 

190065 mouldings, not of metal, for cornices /

              moldings, not of metal, for cornices 

190165 non-luminous and non-mechanical signs, not of metal 

190132 olivine for building 

190107 outdoor blinds, not of metal and not of textile 

190205 paint spraying booths, not of metal 

190134 palings, not of metal / palisading, not of metal 

190250 pantiles, not of metal 

190045 paperboard for building / building cardboard 

190106 parquet floor boards 

190112 parquet flooring 

190060 partitions, not of metal 

190115 luminous paving blocks 

190200 paving blocks, not of metal 

190219 paving slabs, not of metal 

190232 penstock pipes, not of metal 

190140 perches 

190084 pigsties, not of metal 

190136 pilings, not of metal / sheet piles, not of metal 

190256 pillars, not of metal, for building 

190037 pitch 

190149 planks of wood for building 

190054 plaster* 

190259 plastic landscape edgings 

190095 plate glass [windows] for building 

190158 platforms, prefabricated, not of metal 

190028 plywood 

190123 porches [structures], not of metal 

190244 porphyry [stone] 

190206 posts, not of metal 

190079 posts, not of metal, for power lines /

              poles, not of metal, for power lines 

190011 potters' clay 

190243 prefabricated houses [kits], not of metal 

190086 props, not of metal 

190073 quartz 

190176 railway sleepers, not of metal / railroad ties, not of metal 

190163 reeds for building 

190242 refractory construction materials, not of metal 

190191 reinforcing materials, not of metal, for building 

190178 rigid pipes, not of metal, for building 

190161 road coating materials 

190122 road marking sheets and strips of synthetic material 

190164 road signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, not of metal 

190253 rock crystal 

190108 rocket launching platforms, not of metal 

190071 roof coverings, not of metal 

190066 roof flashing, not of metal 

190044 roof gutters, not of metal 

190021 roofing shingles 

190007 roofing slates 

190151 roofing tiles, not of metal 

190173 roofing, not of metal 

190240 roofing, not of metal, incorporating photovoltaic cells 

190260 rubber bearings for seismic isolation of buildings 

190237 rubble 

190192 safety glass 

190166 sand, except foundry sand 

190100 sandstone for building 

190101 sandstone pipes 

190031 sawn timber 

190078 scaffolding, not of metal 

190185 scantlings [carpentry] 

190059 schists 

190198 shuttering, not of metal, for concrete 

190133 shutters, not of metal 

190137 signalling panels, non-luminous and non-mechanical,

              not of metal 

190168 silica [quartz] 

190162 sills, not of metal 

190169 silos, not of metal 

190010 silver sand 

190139 skating rinks [structures], not of metal 

190252 slabs, not of metal, for building 

190104 slag [building material] 

190143 slag stone / clinker stone 

190006 slate 

190008 slate powder 

190265 soundproof booths, transportable, not of metal 

190085 stables, not of metal 

190182 stained-glass windows 

190074 stair-treads [steps], not of metal 

190222 staircases, not of metal 

190170 statues of stone, concrete or marble 

190094 stone 

190245 street gutters, not of metal 

190113 stringers [parts of staircases], not of metal 

190196 swimming pools [structures], not of metal 

190263 swing doors, not of metal 

190160 tanks of masonry 

190171 tar 

190018 tarred strips for building 

190155 telegraph posts, not of metal 

190041 telephone booths, not of metal / telephone boxes, not of metal 

190172 terra-cotta [building material] 

190249 tile floorings, not of metal 

190213 tiles, not of metal, for building 

190081 tomb or grave enclosures, not of metal /

              grave or tomb enclosures, not of metal 

190225 tombs [monuments], not of metal 

190174 tombs, not of metal 

190247 tombstone plaques, not of metal 

190226 tombstone stelae, not of metal 

190145 tufa 

190246 turnstiles, not of metal 

190034 veneer wood 

190238 vinyl siding 

190189 wainscotting, not of metal 

190130 wall claddings, not of metal, for building 

190138 wall linings, not of metal, for building 

190251 wall tiles, not of metal 

190077 water-pipe valves, not of metal or plastic 

190076 water-pipes, not of metal 

190208 window frames, not of metal 

190183 window glass for building 

190181 window glass, other than vehicle window glass 

190068 windows, not of metal 

190030 wood for making household utensils 

190035 wood panelling 

190032 wood paving 

190201 wood pulp board for building 

190033 wood veneers / veneers 

190026 wood, semi-worked 

190248 wooden floor boards 

190193 works of art of stone, concrete or marble 

190146 works of stonemasonry 

190186 xylolith