Trademark Class 32: Beer, mineral water, fruit juice

Beers; non-alcoholic beverages; mineral and aerated waters; fruit beverages and fruit juices; syrups and other non-alcoholic preparations for making beverages.

Class 32 includes mainly non-alcoholic beverages, as well as beer. 

This Class includes, in particular: 

-de-alcoholised beverages; 

-soft drinks; 

-rice-based and soya-based beverages, other than milk substitutes; 

-energy drinks, isotonic beverages, protein-enriched sports beverages; 

-non-alcoholic essences and fruit extracts for making beverages. 

This Class does not include, in particular: 

-flavourings for beverages being essential oils (Class 3or other than essential oils (Class 30); 

-dietetic beverages adapted for medical purposes (Class 5); 

-milk beverages with milk predominating, milk shakes (Class 29); 

-milk substitutes, for example, almond milk, coconut milk, peanut milk, rice milk, soya milk (Class 29); 

-lemon juice for culinary purposes, tomato juice for cooking (Class 29); 

-beverages with coffee, cocoa, chocolate or tea base (Class 30); 

-beverages for pets (Class 31); 

-alcoholic beverages, except beer (Class 33).

320051 aloe vera drinks, non-alcoholic 

320042 aperitifs, non-alcoholic 

320059 barley wine [beer] 

320002 beer 

320005 beer wort 

320052 beer-based cocktails 

320035 carbonated water / aerated water 

320013 preparations for making carbonated water /

              preparations for making aerated water 

320047 cider, non-alcoholic 

320043 cocktails, non-alcoholic 

320060 energy drinks 

320021 extracts of hops for making beer 

320010 fruit juices / fruit juice 

320044 fruit nectars, non-alcoholic 

320003 ginger beer / ginger ale 

320026 grape must, unfermented 

320045 isotonic beverages 

320048 kvass 

320020 lemonades 

320014 lithia water 

320004 malt beer 

320025 malt wort 

320015 mineral water [beverages] 

320019 must 

320031 non-alcoholic beverages 

320056 non-alcoholic beverages flavoured with coffee /

              non-alcoholic beverages flavored with coffee 

320057 non-alcoholic beverages flavoured with tea /

              non-alcoholic beverages flavored with tea 

320061 non-alcoholic dried fruit beverages 

320009 non-alcoholic essences for making beverages 

320001 non-alcoholic fruit extracts 

320006 non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages 

320049 non-alcoholic honey-based beverages 

320008 non-alcoholic preparations for making beverages 

320027 orgeat 

320033 pastilles for effervescing beverages 

320034 powders for effervescing beverages 

320054 protein-enriched sports beverages 

320055 rice-based beverages, other than milk substitutes 

320041 sarsaparilla [non-alcoholic beverage] 

320017 seltzer water 

320062 shandy 

320029 sherbets [beverages] / sorbets [beverages] 

320050 smoothies 

320028 soda water 

320058 soft drinks 

320053 soya-based beverages, other than milk substitutes 

320011 syrups for beverages 

320023 syrups for lemonade 

320018 table waters 

320030 tomato juice [beverage] 

320022 vegetable juices [beverages] 

320012 waters [beverages] 

320007 whey beverages