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Trademark Class 5: Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals, medical and veterinary preparations; sanitary preparations for medical purposes; dietetic food and substances adapted for medical or veterinary use, food for babies; dietary supplements for human beings and animals; plasters, materials for dressings; material for stopping teeth, dental wax; disinfectants; preparations for destroying vermin; fungicides, herbicides.

Class 5 includes mainly pharmaceuticals and other preparations for medical or veterinary purposes. 

This Class includes, in particular: 

-sanitary preparations for personal hygiene, other than toiletries; 

-diapers for babies and for incontinence; 

-deodorants, other than for human beings or for animals; 

-medicated shampoos, soaps, lotions and dentifrices; 

-dietary supplements intended to supplement a normal diet or 

    to have health benefits; 

-meal replacements and dietetic food and beverages adapted 

    for medical or veterinary use. 

This Class does not include, in particular: 

-ingredients for use in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, 

        for example, vitamins, preservatives and antioxidants (Class 1); 

-sanitary preparations being non-medicated toiletries (Class 3); 

-deodorants for human beings or for animals (Class 3); 

-supportive bandages (Class 10); 

-meal replacements and dietetic food and beverages not specified as being for medical or veterinary use, which should be classified in the appropriate food or beverage classes,          

                    for example, low-fat potato crisps (Class 29),

                    high-protein cereal bars (Class 30),

                    isotonic beverages (Class 32).

050176 absorbent cotton / absorbent wadding

050482 acai powder dietary supplements 

050387 acaricides 

050291 acetates for pharmaceutical purposes 

050292 acids for pharmaceutical purposes 

050444 acne treatment preparations 

050002 aconitine 

050019 adhesive plasters / sticking plasters 

050294 adhesive tapes for medical purposes/

              adhesive bands for medical purposes 

050003 adhesives for dentures 

050396 adjuvants for medical purposes 

050401 air deodorizing preparations / air deodorising preparations 050005 air purifying preparations 

050420 albumin dietary supplements 

050006 albuminous foodstuffs for medical purposes 

050007 albuminous preparations for medical purposes 

050438 alcohol for pharmaceutical purposes 

050009 aldehydes for pharmaceutical purposes 

050312 algicides 

050432 alginate dietary supplements 

050433 alginates for pharmaceutical purposes 

050348 alkaline iodides for pharmaceutical purposes 

050296 alkaloids for medical purposes 

050010 alloys of precious metals for dental purposes 

050300 almond milk for pharmaceutical purposes 

050409 aloe vera preparations for pharmaceutical purposes 

050299 aluminium acetate for pharmaceutical purposes 

050376 amino acids for medical purposes 

050377 amino acids for veterinary purposes 

050017 anaesthetics 

050124 analgesics 

050020 angostura bark for medical purposes 

050189 animal washes [insecticides] 

050032 anti-uric preparations 

050472 antibacterial handwashes 

050471 antibacterial soap 

050388 antibiotics 

050135 anticryptogamic preparations 

050418 antioxidant pills 

050087 antiparasitic collars for animals 

050029 antiparasitic preparations 

050031 antiseptic cotton 

050030 antiseptics 

050415 appetite suppressant pills 

050389 appetite suppressants for medical purposes 

050034 aseptic cotton 

050022 asthmatic tea 

050465 astringents for medical purposes 

050413 babies' diaper-pants / babies' nappy-pants 

050412 babies' diapers / babies' nappies 

050038 bacterial poisons 

050039 bacterial preparations for medical and veterinary use 

050037 bacteriological preparations for medical and veterinary use 

050050 balms for medical purposes 

050046 balsamic preparations for medical purposes 

050049 bandages for dressings 

050132 barks for pharmaceutical purposes 

050041 bath preparations for medical purposes 

050302 bath salts for medical purposes 

050304 bicarbonate of soda for pharmaceutical purposes 

050052 biocides 

050305 biological preparations for medical purposes 

050361 biological preparations for veterinary purposes 

050405 biological tissue cultures for medical purposes 

050406 biological tissue cultures for veterinary purposes 

050053 bismuth preparations for pharmaceutical purposes 

050263 bismuth subnitrate for pharmaceutical purposes 

050265 blood for medical purposes 

050248 blood plasma 

050385 bone cement for surgical and orthopaedic purposes/

              bone cement for surgical and orthopedic purposes 

050498 bone void fillers comprised of living tissues 

050036 bouillons for bacteriological cultures / bacteriological culture mediums / media for bacteriological cultures 

050490 bracelets impregnated with insect repellent 

050378 breast-nursing pads 

050306 bromine for pharmaceutical purposes 

050390 bronchodilating preparations 

050391 bunion pads 

050321 by-products of the processing of cereals for dietetic or 

              medical purposes 

050243 cachets for pharmaceutical purposes 

050062 cachou for pharmaceutical purposes 

050063 preparations for callouses 

050064 calomel [fungicide] 

050309 camphor for medical purposes 

050308 camphor oil for medical purposes 

050500 cannabis for medical purposes/

              marijuana for medical purposes 

050068 capsules for medicines 

050487 capsules made of dendrimer-based polymers,

              for pharmaceuticals 

050311 carbolineum [parasiticide] 

050434 casein dietary supplements 

050344 castor oil for medical purposes 

050051 cattle washes [insecticides] 

050102 caustic pencils 

050319 caustics for pharmaceutical purposes 

050379 cedar wood for use as an insect repellent 

050318 cellulose esters for pharmaceutical purposes 

050320 cellulose ethers for pharmaceutical purposes 

050083 cement for animal hooves 

050056 charcoal for pharmaceutical purposes 

050091 chemical conductors for electrocardiograph electrodes

050095 chemical contraceptives 

050362 chemical preparations for medical purposes 

050323 chemical preparations for pharmaceutical purposes 

050166 chemical preparations for the diagnosis of pregnancy 

050488 chemical preparations for treating diseases affecting 

              cereal plants 

050288 chemical preparations for treating diseases affecting 

              vine plants 

050202 chemical preparations for treating mildew 

050246 chemical preparations for treating phylloxera 

050222 chemical preparations for treating wheat blight/

              chemical preparations for treating wheat smut 

050363 chemical preparations for veterinary purposes 

050364 chemical reagents for medical or veterinary purposes 

050077 chemico-pharmaceutical preparations 

050198 chewing gum for medical purposes 

050103 chilblain preparations 

050257 chinoline for medical purposes 

050080 chloroform 

050086 cocaine 

050150 cod liver oil 

050451 collagen for medical purposes 

050324 collodion for pharmaceutical purposes 

050088 collyrium 

050089 compresses 

050092 condurango bark for medical purposes 

050365 contact lens cleaning preparations 

050094 solutions for contact lenses/

              solutions for use with contact lenses 

050494 contraceptive sponges 

050407 cooling sprays for medical purposes 

050098 corn remedies

050040 corn rings for the feet

050099 cotton for medical purposes

050447 cotton swabs for medical purposes/

              cotton sticks for medical purposes 

050325 cream of tartar for pharmaceutical purposes 

050326 creosote for pharmaceutical purposes 

050105 croton bark 

050310 crystallized rock sugar for medical purposes 

050213 cultures of microorganisms for medical or veterinary use 050106 curare 

050109 decoctions for pharmaceutical purposes 

050001 dental abrasives 

050012 dental amalgams 

050230 dental amalgams of gold 

050082 dental cements 

050111 dental impression materials 

050112 dental lacquer 

050113 dental mastics 

050400 deodorants for clothing and textiles 

050119 deodorants, other than for human beings or for animals 

050117 depuratives 

050026 preparations for destroying dry rot fungus 

050120 preparations for destroying mice 

050021 preparations for destroying noxious animals 

050108 detergents for medical purposes 

050121 diabetic bread adapted for medical use 

050443 diagnostic biomarker reagents for medical purposes 

050330 diagnostic preparations for medical purposes 

050446 diagnostic preparations for veterinary purposes 

050497 diaper changing mats, disposable, for babies/

              nappy changing mats, disposable, for babies 

050351 diapers for incontinence 

050440 diapers for pets 

050366 diastase for medical purposes 

050367 dietary fibre / dietary fiber

050419 dietary supplements for animals 

050484 dietary supplements with a cosmetic effect

050307 dietetic beverages adapted for medical purposes

050297 dietetic foods adapted for medical purposes

050350 dietetic substances adapted for medical use

050122 digestives for pharmaceutical purposes

050123 digitalin

050018 dill oil for medical purposes

050479 disinfectant soap

050441 disinfectants

050380 disinfectants for chemical toilets

050118 disinfectants for hygiene purposes

050075 dog washes [insecticides] 

050402 douching preparations for medical purposes

050114 dressings, medical

050125 drugs for medical purposes

050133 elixirs [pharmaceutical preparations]

050429 enzyme dietary supplements

050370 enzyme preparations for medical purposes

050371 enzyme preparations for veterinary purposes

050368 enzymes for medical purposes

050369 enzymes for veterinary purposes

050269 ergot for pharmaceutical purposes

050138 esters for pharmaceutical purposes 

050139 ethers for pharmaceutical purposes 

050141 eucalyptol for pharmaceutical purposes 

050142 eucalyptus for pharmaceutical purposes 

050343 extracts of hops for pharmaceutical purposes 

050398 eyepatches for medical purposes 

050116 preparations to facilitate teething 

050146 febrifuges 

050147 fennel for medical purposes 

050333 ferments for pharmaceutical purposes 

050244 first-aid boxes, filled 

050381 fish meal for pharmaceutical purposes 

050144 flour for pharmaceutical purposes/

             meal for pharmaceutical purposes 

050334 flowers of sulfur for pharmaceutical purposes 

050035 fly catching paper 

050218 fly destroying preparations 

050217 fly glue / fly catching adhesives 

050298 food for babies 

050335 formic aldehyde for pharmaceutical purposes 

050460 freeze-dried food adapted for medical purposes/

              lyophilised food adapted for medical purposes/

              lyophilized food adapted for medical purposes 

050463 freeze-dried meat adapted for medical purposes/

              lyophilised meat adapted for medical purposes /

              lyophilized meat adapted for medical purposes 

050023 frostbite salve for pharmaceutical purposes 

050085 fumigating sticks / fumigating pastilles 

050337 fumigation preparations for medical purposes 

050151 fungicides 

050338 gallic acid for pharmaceutical purposes 

050341 gamboge for medical purposes 

050314 gases for medical purposes 

050155 gauze for dressings 

050157 gelatine for medical purposes 

050158 gentian for pharmaceutical purposes 

050159 germicides 

050430 glucose dietary supplements 

050340 glucose for medical purposes 

050331 glycerine for medical purposes 

050160 glycerophosphates 

050163 greases for medical purposes 

050164 greases for veterinary purposes 

050153 guaiacol for pharmaceutical purposes 

050161 gum for medical purposes 

050342 gurjun balsam for medical purposes 

050168 haematogen / hematogen 

050169 haemoglobin / hemoglobin 

050025 haemorrhoid preparations / hemorrhoid preparations 

050104 haemostatic pencils / hemostatic pencils 

050493 headache relief sticks 

050456 herbal extracts for medical purposes 

050240 herbal teas for medicinal purposes 

050204 herbicides / preparations for destroying noxious plants/


050461 homogenized food adapted for medical purposes/

              homogenised food adapted for medical purposes 

050171 hormones for medical purposes 

050174 hydrastine 

050175 hydrastinine 

050079 hydrated chloral for pharmaceutical purposes 

050345 hydrogen peroxide for medical purposes 

050458 immunostimulants 

050448 infant formula 

050489 injectable dermal fillers 

050386 insect repellent incense 

050178 insect repellents 

050469 insecticidal animal shampoos 

050470 insecticidal veterinary washes 

050055 insecticides 

050347 iodides for pharmaceutical purposes 

050346 iodine for pharmaceutical purposes 

050181 iodoform 

050182 Irish moss for medical purposes 

050349 isotopes for medical purposes 

050183 jalap 

050184 jujube, medicated 

050145 lacteal flour for babies 

050193 larvae exterminating preparations 

050156 laxatives 

050054 lead water / Goulard water 

050431 lecithin dietary supplements 

050313 lecithin for medical purposes 

050266 leeches for medical purposes 

050467 lice treatment preparations [pediculicides] 

050074 lime-based pharmaceutical preparations 

050196 liniments 

050421 linseed dietary supplements / flaxseed dietary supplements 

050162 linseed for pharmaceutical purposes/

              flaxseed for pharmaceutical purposes 

050190 linseed meal for pharmaceutical purposes/

              flaxseed meal for pharmaceutical purposes 

050422 linseed oil dietary supplements/

              flaxseed oil dietary supplements 

050073 lint for medical purposes 

050185 liquorice for pharmaceutical purposes 

050191 lotions for pharmaceutical purposes 

050220 lotions for veterinary purposes 

050197 lupulin for pharmaceutical purposes 

050127 magnesia for pharmaceutical purposes 

050203 malt for pharmaceutical purposes 

050188 malted milk beverages for medical purposes 

050199 mangrove bark for pharmaceutical purposes 

050481 massage candles for therapeutic purposes 

050492 massage gels for medical purposes 

050317 medical preparations for slimming purposes 

050473 medicated after-shave lotions 

050445 medicated animal feed 

050466 medicated dentifrices 

050477 medicated dry shampoos 

050414 medicated eye-washes 

050476 medicated hair lotions 

050474 medicated shampoos 

050478 medicated shampoos for pets 

050480 medicated soap 

050057 medicated sweets / medicated candies 

050475 medicated toiletry preparations 

050491 medicated toothpaste 

050008 medicinal alcohol 

050332 medicinal drinks 

050394 medicinal hair growth preparations 

050170 medicinal herbs 

050148 medicinal infusions 

050058 medicinal mud / medicinal sediment [mud] 

050167 medicinal oils 

050260 medicinal roots 

050149 medicinal tea 

050126 medicine cases, portable, filled 

050093 medicines for alleviating constipation 

050327 medicines for dental purposes 

050328 medicines for human purposes 

050329 medicines for veterinary purposes 

050128 melissa water for pharmaceutical purposes 

050210 menthol 

050211 mercurial ointments 

050454 preparations of microorganisms for medical or veterinary use 

050187 milk ferments for pharmaceutical purposes 

050192 milk sugar for pharmaceutical purposes/

              lactose for pharmaceutical purposes 

050165 milking grease 

050382 mineral food supplements 

050130 mineral water salts 

050129 mineral waters for medical purposes 

050201 mint for pharmaceutical purposes 

050392 moleskin for medical purposes 

050286 mothproofing paper / mothproof paper 

050028 mothproofing preparations 

050084 moulding wax for dentists / molding wax for dentists 

050383 mouthwashes for medical purposes 

050059 mud for baths 

050219 mustard for pharmaceutical purposes 

050172 mustard oil for medical purposes 

050271 mustard plasters / mustard poultices 

050221 myrobalan bark for pharmaceutical purposes 

050223 narcotics 

050152 nervines 

050485 nicotine gum for use as an aid to stop smoking 

050486 nicotine patches for use as aids to stop smoking 

050459 nutraceutical preparations for therapeutic or medical purposes 

050384 nutritional supplements 

050212 nutritive substances for microorganisms 

050283 oil of turpentine for pharmaceutical purposes 

050225 ointments for pharmaceutical purposes 

050226 opiates 

050227 opium 

050228 opodeldoc 

050229 opotherapy preparations / organotherapy preparations 

050043 oxygen baths 

050499 oxygen cylinders, filled, for medical purposes 

050399 oxygen for medical purposes 

050372 pants, absorbent, for incontinence 

050315 panty liners [sanitary] 

050237 paper for mustard plasters / paper for mustard poultices 050238 parasiticides 

050214 pastilles for pharmaceutical purposes/

              lozenges for pharmaceutical purposes 

050410 pearl powder for medical purposes 

050231 pectin for pharmaceutical purposes 

050468 pediculicidal shampoos 

050242 pepsins for pharmaceutical purposes 

050180 peptones for pharmaceutical purposes 

050439 pesticides 

050339 petroleum jelly for medical purposes 

050069 pharmaceutical preparations 

050239 pharmaceutical preparations for skin care 

050241 pharmaceutical preparations for treating dandruff 

050100 pharmaceutical preparations for treating sunburn 

050453 pharmaceuticals 

050236 phenol for pharmaceutical purposes 

050245 phosphates for pharmaceutical purposes 

050455 phytotherapy preparations for medical purposes 

050452 plant extracts for pharmaceutical purposes 

050249 poisons 

050428 pollen dietary supplements 

050207 pomades for medical purposes 

050115 porcelain for dental prostheses 

050251 potassium salts for medical purposes 

050070 poultices 

050065 powder of cantharides 

050449 powdered milk for babies 

050462 pre-filled syringes for medical purposes 

050427 propolis dietary supplements 

050426 propolis for pharmaceutical purposes 

050435 protein dietary supplements 

050436 protein supplements for animals 

050143 purgatives / evacuants 

050252 pyrethrum powder 

050254 quassia for medical purposes 

050253 quebracho for medical purposes 

050256 quinine for medical purposes 

050255 quinquina for medical purposes/

              cinchona for medical purposes 

050258 radioactive substances for medical purposes 

050096 radiological contrast substances for medical purposes 

050259 radium for medical purposes 

050216 rat poison 

050437 reagent paper for medical purposes 

050464 reagent paper for veterinary purposes 

050411 preparations for reducing sexual activity 

050247 remedies for foot perspiration 

050285 remedies for perspiration 

050076 repellents for dogs 

050261 rhubarb roots for pharmaceutical purposes 

050425 royal jelly dietary supplements 

050316 royal jelly for pharmaceutical purposes 

050066 rubber for dental purposes 

050137 salts for medical purposes 

050042 salts for mineral water baths 

050200 sanitary panties / menstruation knickers/

              sanitary knickers/ sanitary pants 

050232 sanitary tampons / menstruation tampons 

050234 sanitary towels / sanitary napkins / sanitary pads 

050264 sarsaparilla for medical purposes 

050267 scapulars for surgical purposes 

050044 sea water for medicinal bathing 

050268 sedatives / tranquillizers 

050177 semen for artificial insemination 

050270 serotherapeutic medicines 

050209 serums 

050408 personal sexual lubricants 

050457 sexual stimulant gels 

050373 siccatives [drying agents] for medical purposes 

050416 slimming pills 

050195 slug exterminating preparations 

050224 smelling salts 

050336 smoking herbs for medical purposes 

050274 sodium salts for medical purposes 

050272 soil-sterilizing preparations / soil-sterilising preparations 

050134 solvents for removing adhesive plasters 

050273 soporifics 

050013 starch for dietetic or pharmaceutical purposes 

050403 stem cells for medical purposes 

050404 stem cells for veterinary purposes 

050275 sterilizing preparations / sterilising preparations 

050395 steroids 

050303 stick liquorice for pharmaceutical purposes 

050276 strychnine 

050277 styptic preparations 

050278 sugar for medical purposes 

050279 sulfonamides [medicines] 

050205 sulfur sticks [disinfectants] 

050301 sunburn ointments 

050280 suppositories 

050140 surgical dressings 

050442 surgical glues 

050397 surgical implants comprised of living tissues 

050495 swim diapers, disposable, for babies/

              swim nappies, disposable, for babies 

050496 swim diapers, reusable, for babies/

              swim nappies, reusable, for babies 

050067 syrups for pharmaceutical purposes 

050417 tanning pills 

050281 tartar for pharmaceutical purposes 

050110 teeth filling material 

050045 therapeutic preparations for the bath 

050131 thermal water 

050284 thymol for pharmaceutical purposes 

050179 tincture of iodine 

050208 tinctures for medical purposes 

050374 tissues impregnated with pharmaceutical lotions 

050186 tobacco extracts [insecticides] 

050081 tobacco-free cigarettes for medical purposes 

050262 tonics [medicines] 

050375 preparations of trace elements for human and animal use 

050450 transplants [living tissues] 

050061 preparations for the treatment of burns 

050282 turpentine for pharmaceutical purposes 

050107 vaccines 

050393 vaginal washes for medical purposes 

050154 vermifuges / anthelmintics 

050289 vermin destroying preparations 

050290 vesicants 

050287 veterinary preparations 

050090 vitamin preparations* 

050483 vitamin supplement patches 

050136 vulnerary sponges 

050072 wadding for medical purposes 

050033 wart pencils 

050423 wheat germ dietary supplements 

050424 yeast dietary supplements 

050194 yeast for pharmaceutical purposes