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You have a new business proposal or concept but unsure about the taxation or legal part ?? You have another job proposal and confused about choosing between them? I started a company long before & didn't fulfill the compliance yet & now you have no idea what to do? Got a business opportunity abroad but want to cross-check the legalities here in India? Opportunity abroad but want to cross-check the legalities here in India? For any query or problem, you may have, our experts will assess your case and guide you on the right course of action. We make sure to resolve all your queries to the fullest of your satisfaction. Reach out to us. We are looking forward to hearing from you :)
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Why Should You Choose TAXAJ ?

We know it's not an easy task to change your CA or Tax Consultant but make sure you get well compensated in terms of service with the charges you pay to your Consultant. We utilise a mix of technology and human touch to deliver quality business services at scale across India. With a network of over 3000 professionals spread across over 170+ cities and towns, we have local reach while being highly accessible through the internet and smartphone.

Every day we serve thousands of Entrepreneurs across the world in helping them start and grow their business in India. We take pride in the services delivered by us and guarantee your satisfaction with our services and support. However, if you are not satisfied with our services, please get in touch with us immediately at connect@taxaj.com, and we will do our best to correct the situation.

Well, You need a reason to Choose TAXAJ ? We shall give you 7 reasons to do the same:

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Once you are onboard with us, you shall be assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager (R.M) who will take proper care of your Company & Business just as you do and even more than that because "Our Business is to Develop Yours". You shall have the dedicated contact number to connect via WhatsApp/ Call/ Text or any other mode you prefer to stay updated about your Company. We also like Quality over Quantity. Hence a limited number of Companies are only assigned to each R.M., which allows sufficient time to take all the necessary steps and look after your business apart from just compliance.

Much more than just Compliances

We don't just do things that are Mandatory as per Law just to avoid non-compliance, but we do things that should be done to help your business grow such as preparation of Sectoral Reports, Periodical Reports, Comparison Reports, Ratios Reports and many more which allows you to have a Bird's Eye View of your Business & take necessary decision making to turn around your business in any way you prefer.

Vast Network to Boost your Growth & Expansion

We have clients from more than 150+ Industries, which allows us to help all of us grow together by creating a broad network for the services & interrelated deals.

Fast & Efficient Support with Young & Dynamic Professionals

We have an efficient team of young & dynamic professionals that helps us to accomplish any task at a more efficient & faster pace with accuracy since we already have all the latest infrastructure and we always stay updated about the latest trends & updations in business & tax-related matters.

One-Stop Solution

We are a team of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers, Attorneys & Experts in the respective fields, which means you need nothing but TAXAJ for any corporate or taxation related support. We provide a broad bucket of services that you can choose from at the most affordable charges that you can get. We are experts in the respective field and use the latest technologies that make us cost-effective.

Top-Notch Latest Digital Technology

Gone are days when we had to keep the bulk of papers & files at the office for Accounts & Taxation Purposes. We will make you go paperless & completely digital. At TaxaJ, we take pride in using the latest technologies to provide best in class services to you, be it in Accounts Preparation or Book Keeping, H.R. & Payroll, MCA Compliances, Intellectual Property Management, or any other services. We have all the latest technology to serve you. No matter wherever you are in the world, you will have the details at your fingertips.

Reach in India & Abroad

There are no boundaries to your growth. Our presence in India and few other countries abroad accelerates the interstate or inter-country expansion as well. We need not depend upon any third-party service providers to get anything done and at much higher prices.

We don't do different things, we do things differently :)

Customers are our biggest investors. From our humble beginning with a 2 member team in October 2013 to a 250+ member team in 2017 with five offices, we have been able to grow leaps and bounds in the span of a few years. Our growth is funded by our loyal base of over 20,000 customers who love our services and continue to support us in our journey of helping a million businesses in India. We are built the good ol’ fashion way by customers and are proud of it!

Diverse Team united by the Fabric of Equality

Our growing team of young, efficient & hard-working professionals is our biggest asset. We espouse diversity and equality. So our team consists of experienced professionals with advanced accounting, legal, engineering, science, architectural, and economics degrees. Our team also includes members from every state of India and can speak over 18 different Indian and foreign languages. The fabric of equality unites our diverse team. We believe designations do not differentiate us, and everyone on the team plays a vital role in achieving our shared dreams and ambitions.

The Idea

TAXAJ started with the simple idea that doing business in India should be easy. To accomplish our mission, we are building the most effective business services platform globally with a range of business services from incorporation to tax filing. We hope to unleash Entrepreneurship and help small businesses compete effectively by making it easier to do business.

The Technology

We utilise modern software and cutting-edge technology to deliver the highest quality of financial, accounting and legal services through the internet. We understand the importance of technology in our lives and achieving our mission of providing affordable business services. Hence, we continually experiment and implement the latest in technology to improve our processes and customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

TAXAJ is India's largest online business services platform dedicated to helping people Launch and manage their businesses at an affordable cost. We help the entrepreneur with the legal and regulatory requirements and be a partner throughout the business lifecycle, offering support at every stage to ensure the business remains compliant and continually growing. TAXAJ partners with a network of experienced Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers, Cost Accountants, Chartered Engineers, Ex-Bankers and Financial Experts across India to provide a comprehensive range of services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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