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Advertising is the thing of the past. Today, the brands and companies are focusing more over marketing and creating an impact in the customer’s mind rather than flashing the sale or showing the price. Which means Emotions have taken the Driving seat over Price and Discounts

The first tab that i open on my working computer everyday is “youtube” and there is a long list of songs according to mood that runs through out the day. Starting with Adele, then Taylor Swift’s #Blank_Space and so on, but the most interesting part comes with the Commercials. Let me tell you these days i come across few ads which really appeals so much and so deep. For instance, in a video clip of couple of minutes it touches the heart. Let me put some examples of few fine commercials that i came across recently.

1. Zomato Ad of New Language of Love on Valentine’s Day

Zomato Language of Love

This clip describes so beautifully the language of a deferentially able person to express his love. As a result we start to relate our-self with this “talkative” guy. Am i Right………….? Well Thank You!

The important point to be noted here is that it touches all the important aspects of a true emotion, be it food, relation, curiosity and yes “desire to Express”. There is so much spice and herbs in the context that we can’t miss a moment of this delicious food and video.

Nowhere in the whole commercial they talked about price, discount, offers and so on yet they left a mark, which would not be easily forgotten.

2. Hyundai Right Care about Customer Experience

Right Care

I don’t know much about the experience of car servicing with you people, but i know that i am not delighted with them. Each time i come from a service center i have a feeling like, thank God i escaped. I mean there is no happier experience with them and then comes this ad, a killer one.

Hyundai Service Center

Hyundai with this beautiful ad has tried to counter that emotion with the Right one. This ad deals with the hope vs reality but with a stronger hold of company’s ground. This ad showcases the personal touch of service provider with that of the Customer.

Here we can say that Marketing vs Advertising is not a tough fight when emotions play a major role in decision making. And with these beautiful emotional messages people tend to decide favorably. I really appreciate the part they are trying to show out.

3. Social message for the masses.

A strong and Bold message to the Urban life we are living at the cost of the nature. We are getting so much ignorant towards our nature and consuming the thing so fast and so irresponsibly that it’s going to deplete soon. This is a horrifying fact that needs to be addressed

We know all the facts and figures but being ignorant is our fault. These tiny clips, random messages, awareness ads helps us to recognize the share we are doing in the harms.

Thus, its so much necessary to change the paths from wrong to right and bad to good. At Taxaj we always try to do our part for the society as well as for the people around us.


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