Shop & Establishment Act

Any shop or commercial establishment that  commences operation must apply to the for a Shop and Establishment Act License within the prescribed time. The application for license in the prescribed form must contain the name of the employer, address of the establishment, name of the establishment, category of the establishment, number of employees and other relevant details as requested. On submission of the application and review by the Chief Inspector, the shop or commercial establishment will be registered and a registration certificate will be issued to the occupier. The registration certificate must be prominently displayed at the shop or commercial establishment and renewed periodically, as per the act.

In case the shop or establishment would like to close down the business,the occupier should notify the Chief

Inspector in writing within fifteen days of the closing. The Chief Inspector after reviewing the request for closure can remove the shop or commercial establishment from the register and cancel the registration certificate.

In most states it has gone out of fashion and people prefer getting GST and doing the business, but in some states, its still a mandatory stuff.  States like Karnataka & Bengal has this as a mandatory Certification, and this has to be applied with regional or local Munical Corporation. 

Karnataka Shop & Establishment Registration
Maharashtra Shop & Establishment Registration
West Bengal Shop & Establishment Registration

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