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How dogs can improve your office productivity in 10 ways?

Not known to humans is the fact the Dog is an Old age mate to us. They’ve hunted with our ancestors, they’ve shepherd with our fore-fathers, they went on wars...

Budget 2019 explained point by point; income TAX benefits decoded.

According to the Team Taxaj Analysis, if a person earns Rs. 7.75 Lakhs; We would make sure he doesn’t have to pay any taxes. Prime Minister Greeting the Nation. (Right)...

Why is marketing preferred over advertising?

Advertising is the thing of the past. Today, the brands and companies are focusing more over marketing and creating an impact in the customer’s mind rather than flashing the sale...

Another mandate for private limited companies in india by 25th april 2019

Once again, MCA came up with another stringent move by inserting a new Rule 25A under the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014under which a new form has been introduced i.e. Form INC-22A (ACTIVE)....


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