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Not known to humans is the fact the Dog is an Old age mate to us. They’ve hunted with our ancestors, they’ve shepherd with our fore-fathers, they went on wars with our grand-fathers and now they’re going on mars with our leap in aerospace technology, and yes, my Dog goes to bathroom with me also, every time i go for a minor or major affair there.

Office dog #wifi sleeping on office table

Break from the work.

Working for long hours or just sitting in front of a Computer screen or a laptop for coupe of hours might exhaust you. You should just stand up, stretch your like, straighten your spine. This is even reccomended by doctors and what better then to Walk, feed, or play with a furry friend who is there just beside yoru workstation. A dog is a nice way to refresh your mind and body. We already know that sitting at a desk for long hours isn’t great for your health. Taking a walk around the block (or even just to the treats jar at the front of the office) with your pup is an incentive to get moving in the middle of the day. 

Bonding over Belly rubs

Dogs foster a more collaborative work environment and a healthy ambience for people. Who needs a “Sutta-Break” when you can gather ‘round a dog? Meet your cute new co-worker over a petting sesh. Everyone bonds over belly rubs. And avoiding a Cigarette saves 15 minutes of your life too…

Increase in the “Cuddle Hormone”

In a study, researchers found that employees with in-office dogs reported higher productivity. Both of these benefits might be attributed to increased levels of oxytocin, a hormone that decreases stress in the human body. Oxytocin, also known as the “cuddle hormone,” is released when bonding socially, snuggling, or petting and interacting with animals.

Low cost Wellness Benefit

Like I said before, this is all backed by #science & research. Virginia Commonwealth University found that employees surrounded by dogs in the workplace were less stressed than those who left their pets at home. Randolph Barker, published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, described the outcome as a “low cost wellness benefit.” 

No rush to run home early

On a similar note, letting employees bring dogs to work removes the stress of tight time constraints — there’s less pressure to run home to feed or walk the dog at the end of the day. Recent survey showed that both small and big company who have dog-friendly offices had employees who were willing to work longer hours as well as lower rates of employee absenteeism. Employees working alongside their dogs are more inclined to stick around, finish work without feeling rushed, and go home when they’re ready

Flowing Creativity

Having your canine pal along makes people creative at work. Presumably, having a friendly and supportive buddy nearby—one who has already lowered your stress levels so that you can fully concentrate—can help you focus and tap into your inner genius so you can come up with exactly the best solution or idea for the project at hand.

Improved Health

According to the #WHO pets help reduce cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure in their owners. Taking your dog to work also means that you will absolutely have to get up and take more frequent walks throughout the day than you might have otherwise—and all those extra steps add up (even if you don’t hit the 10,000-steps-a-day mark).

Increased Co-Worker Co-operation

Offices with dogs tend to have increased cooperation and better working relationships amongst employees. Whether it’s that dogs increase morale, make everyone feel more positive, or simply give them a reason to talk more, offices with pets are more likely to maintain a friendly working rapport across the board.

Job Satisfaction

Employees who bring their dogs to work have a higher level of job satisfaction overall, likely due to a combination of being near their pets, feeling the effects of lessened stress, and knowing their employers are adopting policies designed to make the office a happier environment. Sounds like a win-win-win situation all around!

HR Loves this Pawsible Effect

Employee retention will be all time high. Its been found that company who has furry friends roaming around cubicals can keep great bondings, even with other employees than their owners. Pet owners know this very well that once you are bonded with your four legged mate; its more often possible that you will quit your relationship with your two legged mate but not with four legged.

At Taxaj Corporate Services LLP, we love our furry friend #Wifi a male Black Labrador who loves to sneak around the work-stations for a while and then sits on his favorite sofa.

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